I first encountered Norwegian director Magne Pettersen when I recently watched the video he has directed for Torgeir Waldemar‘s track Streets. It’s an exquisite video (and included below) which really underlines the sentiments in Waldemar’s song. Calm in the videography, yet with plenty of implied emotional pain and despair.

This led me to further search for works by Pettersen, finding him an apparantly not terribly prolific short-film director.

Zakariassen Must Die (Zakariassen Må Dø) from 2011 is – at least according to IMDB – his latest production. You might very well call it a kind of open-ended tragic realism, but with a delectable but underplayed humor hiding just beneath the surface.

The film tells the story about Zakariassen, a grumpy, insufferable man whose life seems nothing but a big pile of insurmountable obstacles, and not much joy at all. And – that’s about as much as I will say, in order not to spoil too much :-)  (OK – I’ll just say one more thing, then: wait for the band-saw scene…)

Suffice it to say – I really enjoy the way Pettersen tells his stories, and he deserves widespread recognition.

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