Here we go again…

Updates at this site have been sporadic, to say the very least.

The causes for this are numerous, and probably irrelevant in the larger fabric of life and everything. Some of it has been general exhaustion after that huge Roadburn-related quest I set myself about a year ago. Some of it has been life fucking around. Etc, etc, etc.

So, over this past summer lots of stuff has passed through my mind as to how to continue this journey.

One of these thoughts has been to get some help – which I have done, in the form of doubling the number of people actively participating in the running of this site.

And to keep it as nepotistic as at all possible, the new member of the editorial board is my son :-) – so, please welcome Kristoffer, the new site-slave :-D

We have numerous grand plans for stuff to do with this site, but for now, what will be implemented is some short recurring posts – one for each day of the week (weekends excluded), covering stuff like short lists, music videos, longer videos (like documentaries etc.), playlists…

Furthermore, we are in the planning stages of what to do concerning Roadburn 2019. It’s become somewhat of a tradition to closely cover the Roadburn lineup (both the width and depth of that lineup – from our perspective, at least – makes Roadburn probably the most interesting festival in existence). On the other hand, covering the festival as intensely as I did with the latest edition comes with a price, and the more general content suffers greatly in return.

So, what we’ll do for Roadburn 2019, will be more of a resource-page coverage. We’ll still bring you a page for each band with online discography, videos and links to interviews etc., but will not do the personal write-up. This should free up considerable time (for the 2018 edition alone, I spent between 500 and 600 hours listening to music, and probably 100 to 200 hours writing and editing) to use for further developing other aspects of SBL. And hopefully, a year from now, this will be seen as a positive development, while still maintaining the site as a considerable resource when it comes to Roadburn (and possibly other important festivals too).

So, lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline – we really can’t wait to get to where we can reveal some of the stuff we have in the pipeline :-) – until then, at least there will be some content to peruse, and (hopefully) some great music to explore.