A couple more release from the last few days – Black is the word today…

Svarttjern – Dødsskrik (Soulseller)

A solid helping of great black metal solidly grounded in 80’s thrash/death, with a couple of very important points with regards to production and sound quality… Sound is clear, separation of instruments is excellent, and even the bass is allowed to shine!

Unrelenting and spiteful, this album kicks hard from the get-go, and does not let up! And check out that bass-work on the title-track, with its punk-feel. All the way through a solid album that I imagine will grow immensely on me on repeated listens.

Ithaqua – The Black Mass Sabbath Pulse (Iron Bonehead)

With this EP, Ithaqua ought to start establishing their name as a prime provider of blackened death. Long, punishing compositions with a cool, crisp guitar-sound. Works equally well on the slower and the faster parts, which is a great, but not necessarily often-seen, craft on a debut-release.

Plus, I’m in love with that clean guitar-solo in the title-track. And the otherworldly keyboards heightens the sense of something wicked coming your way.

Convincing – and totally confirming that the black is strong in Greece.