3 debuts and a single sophomore full-length – but you can’t hear the lack of back-catalogue in today’s batch of recent releases…

Leather Glove – Skin On Glass [demo] (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)

With a sound that is as brutal as any, and music that defies being put into simply a single categorizing subgenre, this demo sees Greg Wilkinson‘s one-man project burst onto the scene.

Showing the aggression of early death metal, the focus of crust, and the mental misery and heavy attention to detail of doom, (and even some tremolo-picking too), Leather Glove promises to be a very interesting and hard-hitting aquaintance. The project seems infused with the intent of taking all these different inspirations and turning them into a truly punishing and misanthropic vehicle for musical onslaught.

And judging from this demo, we should expect great and devastating things to come.


Triple Sun – The City Lies In Ruins (Consouling Sounds)

Triple Sun create a complex, dark, gloomy and dynamically varied experience on this album.

Straying from the more regular formula of dark post metal, instead using exclusively clean vocals, utilizing the crescendoes and the dischordant harmonies not as much for shock and awe, as for strokes in an impressive sonic painting, with the quieter parts adding detail and texture.

The result is an album that seems huge yet intricate and mesmerizing.


Triple Sun

Triple Sun. 508 likes. ° ° ° Triple Sun official page

Phantom Glue – 776 (Negative Fun Records)

With an intriguing psych-sludge with post overtones of repetitive, trance-inducing yet heavy riffs, Phantom Glue quickly had me convinced of their qualities. And it is in the seamless blending of these elements the greatest force of Phantom Glue exists – the sprawling psychedelic tendencies anchored by the more minimalistic riffing and rhythms.

Oh – and if you want to listen to just one track… try Gog Is Dead – it’s majestic! (In its own convoluted ways)

Bring it on – we want more! :-)


Nogrod – Abstruce Dismal (Transcending Obscurity Records)

This is the debut EP from this Indian heavy, black, death metal band, that definitely shows some promise. At times the music grooves so fucking much it gets dowright funky, yet still nicely brutal.

After listening to this, I had the feeling Nogrod could release some stellar stuff in the future, and all they have to do is find their own distinctiveness. Definitely one to watch.