Discharge – End Of Days (Nuclear Blast)
Fuck yeah! I actually don’t recall when I last listened to Discharge (shame on me!!), which of course dampens the inclination to compare to olden times, simply letting the album stand on its own feet, but listening to this new album by the masters clears up 2 things:

1) The anger has not dissipated over the years. It’s still there and intact.

2) No matter how much the warmongers and powerwhores might have succeeded in deluding the masses of humanity, nothing has changed at all. Not one iota. We’re still taught to live in fear, so preoccupied with trembling for our own skin that we have no energy for contemplating how the world is really ruled…

End Of Days is a fucking great romp, reminding me how important Discharge has been in the development of heavy, energetic, angry music, and the blending of genres, the blending of otherwise seemingly disparant sub- and countercultures. And oh that anger is contagious!

Fister / Teeth – Split (Broken Limbs)

Split EP with 2 bands in the dirty, sludgy end of the spectrum. Fister‘s track is a nice mix of bottom-heavy sludge mixed with parts that has bit more of a post-feel.

Teeth have 2 tracks. Their stuff is somewhat more dischordant and has some black influences, mixing them into what is still sludgy surroundings.

Quite a nice way to start a saturday morning.

Lucifericon – Brimstone Altar (Invictus Productions)

This new EP by Dutch black metallers Lucifericon actually showcases 3 different types of black on the 3 tracks. The varied and everchanging Brimstone Altar sets the scene, before the brutal and fast The Jaws Of Time takes over, segueing into the EP’s piece de resistance: Witch Of The Cosmic Grave with its eerie, haunting, epic greatness of dischordant, pulsating, atmospheric heavyness spread over more than 11 minutes.

Never a dull moment, and a band I’m definitely keeping my ears open to hear more from…