In this new “series”, I’ll be highlighting new releases on a day to day basis. Generally, everything I encounter released on a particular date, that somehow in my opinion deserves mention. Which of course also means, that some days there will be no entry – some days there will… So it is…

I’ve always had a certain fascination for metal bands from places that are not seen as metal strongholds by the larger metal community. India is such a place – even though India has produced quite a few interesting bands (and probably a lot more than I have been able to ascertain).

Heathen Beast, from Kolkata, near the border to Bangladesh, releases their new EP through Transcending Obscurity today.

Rise Of The Saffron Empire is (as far as I can understand) thematically centered around the rise of some kind of Hindu “cult” or the like, with the objective of suppressing other religions and assuming absolute power. And even though one of the tracks are called The Systematic Annihilation Of Islam, it’s actually not a jab at Islam per se, but rather at religious persecution of another religion (in this case, Islam), and the message is more in the vein of all religion is bad and divisive.

Every religion preaches the same
Every story, every teaching, a common thread prevails
Can you not open your eyes and see it is fake
A tool to divide and control, enslave the human race.

Musically we’re more in a death metal vein, with some crusty influences, and an Indian flair. Highly refreshing, and a very good way to start the week!

To buy physical CDs – head over to Transcending Obscurity. And the band is on Facebook here.