[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From The Walkabouts – ‘Life: The Movie'”]Why do we advertise,
That we have lost this race?
If we were proud, we’d hide[/pullquote]

It seemed like a great idea, at the time – “look, if I’m going to listen to full (as much as possible) discographies of all those Roadburn-bands, why not also write some short band-presentations of each, and post them to SBL, stuff up the site with some content, yadda-yadda-yadda”. Hundreds of hours later, but only halfway through – and less than a week before Roadburn 2016 opens its doors, what now?

For a time, it actually seemed like I could pull it off… Well, leave it off to life to mess things up – more or less on track, and more or less knowing I’d be able to write up 2-3 presentations a day from the notes I’d taken when listening meant little, with first a nasty, irritating flu – and then, when just recovered from that, a mysterious infection in my left arm causing a swelling of my entire lower arm, from the elbow down to my fingers, and difficulty finding the correct antibiotics to combat it – causing about 4 weeks when I reeally felt like not doing anything  but wallowing in self-pity, at times questioning whether I’d be able to make it to Tilburg at all.

Pretty dire stuff, mentally, given the extreme joy and anticipation I had built up, being able to go to Roadburn 2016 and celebrate fantastic music generally, and (not the least) the band that probably means most to me, period, specifically (i.e. the 30th anniversary of Neurosis).

Well, to cut a long story short – and to stop wallowing in that narcisistic self-pity – I decided to stop giving a damn about the plans gone wrong, and to simply start concentrating on getting mentally on track to attending that damn festival, end of discussion.

So, all the plans being scrapped – both the previews, and what stuff I had planned to do about coverage of the festival itself – I’m down to having decided to make do with doing a festival diary (and perhaps a couple of lead-in articles), and maybe see if one or two of the ideas I had can pan out… and then simply enjoy the hell out of this thing…

I’ll be seeing you all in Tilburg from this coming Wednesday, and you might be seeing one weird Danish, partly introverted, music-fanatic, who’s probably going to be out of his depth trying to choose between all too much great stuff with far too little time. Bear with him – he really can’t help it :-)

(During the festival, there will probably be a post or two a day – and I’ll be uploading any pix worth mentioning to the Facebook page here )