[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From band-intro by Amit Sharma taken from official band homepage”]Rare is it for a band to have had such a long lasting effect on the musical landscape they exist within. Since their formation in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Paradise Lost have thrived in perpetual darkness: a place where rays of light seldom threaten to break the black clouds, where nightmares last an eternity.[/pullquote]

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While Paradise Lost is of course widely regarded as the incarnation of gothic-doomy metal, there is actually a lot more to the band than just that. Granted, to me that gothic-doom is Paradise Lost – but the band has a large and very diverse back-catalogue ranging from the abrasive early albums over the more grandiose albums of the mid-90’s, through gothic synth and back again.

And it really is back again – on their latest release, The Plague Within from 2015, the epicness, the rawness, the growl, the despair is back to form, and the band have come full circle, almost back at where they started – but older, wiser, battle-hardened, and with even less illusions.[pullquote align=”left” cite=”from Embers Fire“]Hold back desire for danger
A bet you lose, you’ll have no way to turn
I see the man who lives and breathes corruption
Into a circle that you call you own[/pullquote]

Which of course means it is a band once again peaking – a snarling machine ready to jump for the throat of anything standing in its way – which finds its way towards Tillburg, come April. For the most exclusive of concerts.

Before we get to that – what is it about Paradise Lost that’s so enticing, so alluring?

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Well, for one thing, their discography is so varied, yet still coherent, so somewhat secure in knowing the way ahead and yet still searching and stumbling upon stuff you couldn’t have imagined simply by observing what came before.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”Nick Holmes, on Paradise Lost performing Gothic @ Roadburn 2016″]As a young band we spent a good deal of time in the early 90’s driving around Holland in a small transit van, living off chips with mayonnaise, drinking chocomel and playing stuff from this album. ‘Gothic’ totally reminds me of those days, so if we were ever going to play the album in its entirety in 2016, it has to be in Holland, and where better than the Roadburn festival!![/pullquote]

Nick Holmes is perhaps one of the most gifted vocalists around – he might not have the biggest most fantastic voice, but his versatility is immense. Whether he’s growling or crooning goth-style his delivery is cool and collected, allowing the haunting lyrics to have the center-stage. And Gregor Mackintosh‘s delivers some exquisite guitar-work, which along with masterful compositions is what makes the band what it is – and which leads to the only complaint I feel comfortable raising about the band: there was a few albums around the millennium where those guitars were all but missing, and it felt almost painful – which is perhaps fitting.

The band is slated to play Gothic in its entirety, supplemented by tracks from The Plague Within, and even though there are 24 years between the two albums, it makes perfect sense, as most of the elements making Gothic such a fantastic, epic, genre-defining album is also present on the latest release. Which all in all simply sets the scene for a unique, mouthwatering experience – perhaps setting the stage for a new era of Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost attends Roadburn 2016 on thursday 14th April, playing Gothic in full with additional tracks from The Plague Within. With bespoke animated visuals by Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu

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Lost ParadiseLP (1990)spotifyYoutube
GothicLP (1991)spotifyYoutube
Shades Of GodLP (1992)spotifyYoutube
IconLP (1993)spotifyYoutube
Draconian TimesLP (1995)spotifyYoutube
One SecondLP (1997)spotifyYoutube
HostLP (1999)Youtube
Believe In NothingLP (2001)Youtube
Symbol Of LifeLP (2002)spotifyYoutube
Paradise LostLP (2005)spotifyYoutube
In RequiemLP (2007)spotifyYoutube
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites UsLP (2009)spotifyYoutube
Tragic IdolLP (2012)spotifyYoutube
The Plague WithinLP (2015)spotifyYoutube