[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From a preview on Cvlt Nation”]Unholy AWESOME! I received the promo from Finland’s ABYSSION last week and ever since I can’t stop blasting their EP Luonnon Harmonia Ja Vihreä Liekki! I could write about this band’s outstanding pedigree, but I won’t because to me it’s all about what they are creating ABYSSION, and not their other projects. What kind of music is this? Pure fucking drugged-out, spaced-out Psychedelic Black Metal with the punch to the gut of Punk.[/pullquote]

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So, we’ve reach a section of these small presentations of the 2016 Roadburn-roster which we might very well call “The Finns Are Coming“, since Roadburn has secured a number of acts centered around shattering giants Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu (and thus seeing to it that the respective members of these two impressive bands have their hands full during the festival).

The first of these bands to be featured are Abyssion, who deliver a weird, wonderful combination of black metal and psychedelic rock, interspersed with some punk’n’roll and regular surf, which definitely fits well into the overall black metal temperament.

I haven’t been able to sample much more than an EP from Abyssion, but what I’ve heard really does stand out from the crowd, using perhaps relatively small, but significant changes to the “agreed-upon form”, like shouted (rather than screeched) vocals and a musical expression that’s more lingering and laid-back than usually heard in black metal.

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Put on top of that truly psychedelic keyboard sounds and effects, and a general “vastness” to the guitar-scapes and general compositions – and you get a mix that should be both acceptable to the general black-fan, yet points towards places black doesn’t usually go, all the while keeping and maintaining a definite sense of despair.

Abyssion are like a fresh breath of festering, rotting air that sends your depressed mind on a trip to places it might not want to go, but – when all is said and done – it will reluctantly appreciate the experience and walk away in a better condition after all.

And shortly after the experience comes the hunger, the need to go back for more – so, when you’re hooked, you’ll simply have to go check out their show at the festival…

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From review on Echoes And Dust”]All tracks rule on this road-trip-through-desolate-country-roads-soundtrack-smasher of a record. It’s not a moshpit mover, but the melodies are certain to scar you.[/pullquote]

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We’ll be roughing it up down the front for Abyssion on Thursday, April 14 at the 013 venue.

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Preview quote from Cvlt Nation

Review quote from Echoes And Dust