[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From Roadburn’s presentation of Tau Cross”]Hard to pin down from a musical perspective, Tau Cross’ eponymous debut album on Relapse had no trouble causing quite a stir, at least partly because they appeal to a wide range of musical extremities – from post-punk to doom, and protest-folk to metal.[/pullquote]

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Thundering onto the scene with the power of something akin to a freight-train with an eponymous album in the early summer of last year, Tau Cross quickly became a mainstay in my ears (and those of my son’s too, I reckon :-) ), with a sound that’s both eerily drawing on a multitude of references, yet still is undoubtedly and irrevocably unique.

Based around Rob Miller (ex-Amebix) and Michel Langevin (Voivod), one might very well expect some kind of punk/metal/postpunk bastard, and one would be very right – but would also fail in limiting the expectations to just that.

Yes, sure, there are reminiscenses of Amebix, Killing Joke, Motörhead… but Tau Cross are much more the musical equivalent a cauldron, where the witches add just the right amount of toads’ eyes and lungs of newt to concoct an invigorating potion of eternal life and undying resistance.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Lyrics for Our Day“]As Prophecy is shown to fail, no man shall know the hour or the day the blade shall fall / Searching for some newer holy grail, we spent our lives in dream it seems to me, now we awake and see what we have done / Each broken generation falls, corruption reigns beyond these walls / Some day when these vile men are torn down, their throne destroyed / Our day will come

We all were born as free men, our birthright has been stolen / My brothers, my sisters, our victory shall be assured / Our day will come / All suffering will end when we manifest Love as the Law / Our day will come[/pullquote]

Following Lazarus – one of the most effective, almost perfect, album-openers heard for quite some time – the album is choke-full of one eminent track after the other, and even though there is a great width and breadth to the individual tracks, they all fit perfectly together like pieces of a jigsaw. Or simply a fully-rounded album.

From the opener’s feel of both Killing Joke and Motörhead, through Midsummer‘s anthemic, almost folky rocking, over the dark, brooding yet defiant hopelessness of We Control The Fear, to the call-to-arms on Our Day, Tau Cross is a breath of fresh air, music that truly inspires action, a raised fist against the oppression of the world. Combined with a subtle dose of occultist demeanor, all of which makes it the perfect rallying-ground for outcasts and throwaways from the subcultures existing on the brinks of society.

On top of that, few other bands (if any) on the Roadburn 2016-roster invites to a serious bout of headbanging as much as Tau Cross, combined of course with a solid helping of fist-shaking and moshing.

Come watch – and become part of the taking back of our world and our lives.

Oh – and by the way – take a look at Rob Miller’s beautiful swordsmith-work here

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From an interview with NoiseFull”]It seems very strange that we made a very cheap DIY recoding in three different countries and it is a total success, weird. […] [W]e have used Skype a lot! We recorded in three different countries and shared files via Dropbox, so it was challenging but also fun. It is a true DIY recording.[/pullquote]

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Tau Cross, the veteran punk / metal collective, revolving around Amebix bassist / frontman Rob Miller, Voivod drummer Michel ‘Away’ Langevin, and members of cult crust outfit Misery, will be playing Roadburn 2016, along with Neurosis and Amenra, on Saturday, April 16 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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Interview quote taken from Noisefull