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[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From an interview with Cvlt Nation”]The name Oranssi Pazuzu is a symbol of our musical duality. Pazuzu represents the darkness, the unknown, the mysterious and our purpose to travel into uncharted musical territories. Also, Pazuzu symbolizes the darkness inside us, the nihilistic, chaotic side of our minds. So for me, it is not an occultist symbol, but instead a psychological and philosophical one. Oranssi, on the other hand, represents our psychedelic side and the energy of cosmos. It is also a polarization against black metal’s “traditional” colour. There is blackness in our music, but that’s not the whole picture, it’s more like a black and white film with colours dubbed on it.[/pullquote]

From the teeming underbelly of the deep, dark forests of Finland, comes what would probably be the musical equivalent of munching shrooms – Oranssi Pazuzu in all kinds of wonderful colors, promising (and delivering) a multi-faceted blend of perfectly attuned psychedelia, mixed with post-black and other dark forms of music, ultimately creating a harrowing, fascinating soundtrack to particularly wicked blends of pulp-scifi and horror.

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Drifting into space on a run-down spaceship, engines driven solely by the psychokinetic impulses generated by Oranssi Pazuzu‘s musical output, while knowing full well that there are no-one out there to answer any distress calls.

Sinister keyboard-sounds, overlaid by chugging guitars, pounding drums and deep, dark screeching vocals – all of it trumped by that genuinely surf-like leading guitar pointing the way ever forward. Forward meaning wherever some kind of light (or darkness) exists to navigate towards, using whatever tempers and expressions fits in the here-and-now.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From an interview with MetalBite”]When making new music, we draw inspiration from other things than music. Like physics, nature, evolution, science, other art forms, etc. We often describe to each other how some part should sound in a way that has nothing to do with music. It makes it more interesting and gets everyone’s imagination flowing. For example instead of talking about chords or notes, we talk about sinking into a black hole and trying to make music out of that idea. Sometimes it works out nicely, sometimes its awful, but it sure is inspiring and more interesting for us that way. We have some new ideas to take this type of composing further. Cant wait to test them out in our laboratory.[/pullquote]

Where Kosmonument, for instance, is just what the package says – a monument to great experimentation and psychedelic urges, a really dark album, an album for the hell of it. And the follow-up – Valonielu – starts out being borderline-defiant, with anger more prevalent than despair – but then takes a dive into dark, murky territory with a track like the wonderfully eerie Reikâ Maisemassa that urges you to constantly check behind you to see if those space monsters, or that giant radioactive spider is around…

Oranssi Pazuzu are an enigma, and no matter the amount of logic and reason you apply, you’re not getting any closer to solving that enigma. They take you by the throat and hurl you onto a space-driven journey that has to be experienced and felt, and can only be partly and poorly understood with the conscious mind alone.

To experience Oranssi Pazuzu‘s deep, undulating rhythms and scary soundtrack – all you have to do is launch your body on a collission-course with Het Patronaat. They’ll do the rest – pull your atoms apart, and put them back together in myriads of new, exciting, horrible ways.

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Oranssi Pazuzu take to the Het Patronaat stage on Thursday, April 14

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Muukalainen PuhuuLP (2009)Youtube
KosmonumentLP (2011)spotifyYoutube
ValonieluLP (2014)spotifyBandCampYoutube

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First interview quote from Cvlt Nation

Second interview quote from MetalBite