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[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From Roadburn’s presentation of Arktau Eos”]Combining dark, brooding ambient with ritualistic and occult aspects, the five albums Arktau Eos have released over a decade present a ghastly and wondrous parade of cryptic images and sounds. For the perceptive listener, the records can become gateways to the worlds of their origin.[/pullquote]

Upon first hearing Mirrorion, the debut album of Finnish purveyors of the occult Arktau Eos, the following transpired before my inner eyes…

I found myself descending shadowy stairs towards a beckoning, unknown presence. I knew not what lay beneath the stairs, but I was helpless in continuing my descent – I had to see it, had to experience it, well aware of potential danger, but still, an urge drove me ahead.

At the bottom of the stairs I was mesmerized by a ritual I didn’t recognize, had no idea of the meaning or the outcome of, yet beckoned to participate I stepped into the circle…

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I was hurtled onwards flying on astral waves destination unknown, I sensed pain and punishment around me, but also pockets of bliss and peace – I had no idea of the source of either, or the causes. I sensed more than saw creatures shackled to walls, though I couldn’t see what kind of beings they were. I hovered over strange places, with distorted dimensions and disfigured angles, I encountered vast, magically enticing forests that seemed devoid of life, yet felt strangely inviting…

Finally I ended up in a room beneath a flight of stairs, alone, abandoned, and as I ascended the stairs I ended up in my regular world again, but somehow it seemed different, more vibrant. It seemed as though I could see more clearly, see right through what was simply surface, see below…

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From an interview seen on Helixes.org”]The name simply appeared heralded by many an auspicious omen on the very day we completed mixing the first album. Arktau Eos is like a prayer, leading to constant communication with the transpersonal reality surrounding us – the Void. It means giving up the illusory self, but also gaining something, helping us see, hear, and experience in purity. Obviously, many have pointed out that “Arktau” is close to “arctic”, and “Eos” is the personified dawn of the Greek mythology. While not consciously present at the baptism, these associations are deemed apposite to the essence of Arktau Eos.[/pullquote]

Arktau Eos play a strange, evocative mix of ambient and occult rituals, droning sounds and spiritual guidance.

They might be far removed from the “normal strict rules” of musical structure and composition, they might be elusive and downright strange in the way they choose to express themselves, but the thing is… if you let them (and you really should) they can open up doors to your inner world – possibly even doors outside yourself to worlds unknown. But to let them enter your mind, you have to do as Arktau Eos do: throw those “normal strict rules” on the bonfire and simply let the experience wash over you.

And what better place than at their show at Roadburn?

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Roadburn-2016-Arktau-EosArktau Eos soundtrack an unknown, lost liturgy —while provoking meditation and introspection— and will have us congregate at the altar of their throbbing and shimmering religion at Roadburn 2016 on Thursday, April 14 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.


Hexvessel will be joined on stage at Roadburn 2016 by the archaic elementals of Arktau Eos for a one-off performance of a rite featuring music and themes from Hexvessel’s debut album Dawnbearer, and Arktau Eos‘ debut Mirrorion (which celebrates its tenth anniversary). Between Ostara and Walpurgis, these Northern mystics invite you to a unique ceremony where they will turn Roadburn’s Het Patronaat church into a temple of underworld illumination on Friday, April 15.

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MirrorionLP (2006)Youtube
Scorpion MilkLP (2006)Youtube
Ai Ma Ra2LP (2009)Youtube
UnworeldesLP (2012)Youtube
Ioh-MaeraLP (2012)Youtube

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Interview quote from Helixes.org