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I have long thought of Germany as a  hotbed of psychedelia of any conceivable kind, and Zone Six should be among the prime purveyors of sense-heightening trips on a scene which I shamefully haven’t been paying enough attention to – at all. (Knowing something is there – and knowing it is entirely different concepts…)

That being said, based on the strength of Zone Six‘ production, this is an error I need to remedy in the coming months, as there’s is obviously a lot of great experiences – both in and out-of body – to be had.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From an interview by Musik An Sich”]Noise ist auch “Geräusch” und “Rauschen”. Auf der “Any Noise…” sind im Mix an einigen Stellen Störgeräusche, wie Knackser und Rauschen, extrem hochgezogen und musikalisch eingesetzt worden. Ich war da sehr überrascht, wie angenehm ein Soundcluster aus Rauschen, Störereignissen und Synth/Git.- Melodien, klingen kann. Als Musiker bin ich akustisch fixiert. Ich höre oft irgendwelche Geräusche und frag mich dann, wie ich das in meine Musik einbauen könnte.[/pullquote]

Zone Six base themselves on a relatively well-founded base of percussion, upon which is bundled several layers of psychedelia that is allowed to grow in a seemingly almost organic way, resulting in a web woven of highly suggestive sounds and music – improvisation at its finest.

Even though the rhythmic foundation could lead the thoughts in the direction of a more electro-rock kind of feel, Zone Six tend to want so much more, and never seem to fall into trying to simply hypnotize you with their rhythms.

Instead, what they pile on top is weird, psyched-out psychedelia, where the musical madness behind everything is at times right beneath the surface, at times harder to fathom, but always present – and it is this aspect that ends up hypnotizing you, sending your mind on woundrous journeys in outer (and inner) space.

And it’s exactly this ability to at the same time have a firm foundation and a strong flow of unhindered psychedelia that makes Zone Six such a great machine – enabling your body and mind to work in unison when listening.

So, do grab your spacehelmets and catch one of Zone Six‘ rocket-rides to hitherto unknown places during the Roadburn Festival.

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Roadburn-2016-Zone-SixThey couldn’t resist inviting Zone Six back to Roadburn 2016 on Friday, April 15 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Roadburn-2016-ZoneSix-2Extra show for Zone Six @ Cul De Sac on Thursday, April 14th.

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Any Noise Is IntendedLP (2003)Youtube
Love MonsterLP (2015)Youtube

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Interview quote from Musik An Sich