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[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Mat McNerney about playing Roadburn 2016″]We are so honoured to have been invited to play the main stage at 013 on Thursday at Roadburn 2016. We couldn’t think of a more fitting place to debut the new material from our forthcoming album. Releasing our third album just before our third visit to Roadburn feels like a cosmic sign, it was meant to be! We’ll transcend all expectations, surpass what you’ve seen of us before, and deliver on the promise that Roadburn helped cultivate and support with our music in the early days of our band. We’re looking forward to come back and lay down some heavy magic. To open up this festival and pour people’s minds all over it![/pullquote]

Hexvessel is the brainchild (and lovechild) of Mat McNerney, who started the band after relocating to Finland.

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Starting off with music wedged in somewhere between early Electric Light Orchestra, folkrock a la Steeleye Span, and the British vaudeville tradition – with some cabaret thrown in for good measure, the band has evolved in a more rocking direction on their subsequent releases, without losing the mystique and druidic feel along the way.

Beyond everything else, Hexvessel oozes nature, togetherness, and belonging – with a spirituality being almost tangible and quite beautiful. Not that everything is necessarily… unproblematic – in Hexvessel’s universe there is also dischord, creating an overall mental picture of a nice life in forested mountains. Nice, but not without thorny bushes and natural dangers. It is music anchored in the unspoiled nature, speaking to something ancient, yet dormant in us, something deeply unfulfilled in modern man. Which in turn creates a yearning which inspires a searching for missing foundations…

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From interview with Heathen Harvest”]I didn’t want a ‘band’ in the metal sense; I wanted a family and to share a spiritual journey. It’s called Hexvessel because it’s a vehicle, a spiritual vessel on a journey of discovery and search for spiritual meaning. It wasn’t ever really meant to be my solo project or anything like that. It was intended more as a shared experience.[/pullquote]

What perhaps is the most endearing musical aspect of Hexvessel, is the ease with which separate influences (that perhaps not all would seem to fit seamlessly) is brought to simply fit into the overall picture. As in the semi-acoustic doom paired with some Pink Floyd psychedelia (as witnessed Masks Of The Universe on the Iron Marsh EP). Or the groovy, swinging retro-rock on Woman Of Salem, from the same EP.

Examples are numerous, and everything is kept together by the songwriting skill of McNerney, and the overall druidic feel of the music. No matter which inspirations are brought into the game, the overall direction and sensibilities are allowed to reign – and all is the better for it.

And as I’m writing this, the band’s latest opus, When We Are Death is playing in the background, proving the general direction they’re taking, and showing their versatility on something that is closer to a psychrock-album than what I’ve heard up until now, complete with swooning synths and groovy bass-lines – yet still undeniably Hexvessel, and kept together by McNerney’s poignant and at times fragile voice.

Evidently a band in progress, still keeping their own style vibrant and sparkling, promising a profound and spiritual experience at Roadburn.

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Enigmatic “spirit-trafficking” Finnish forest-psych weirdos Hexvessel will play the main stage at Roadburn Festival 2016 on Thursday, April 14! They will be performing material from their forthcoming 3rd folk-tinged acid-rock opus alongside selections from their last three seminal releases.


Hexvessel will be joined on stage at Roadburn 2016 by the archaic elementals of Arktau Eos for a one-off performance of a rite featuring music and themes from Hexvessel’s debut album Dawnbearer, and Arktau Eos‘ debut Mirrorion (which celebrates its tenth anniversary). Between Ostara and Walpurgis, these Northern mystics invite you to a unique ceremony where they will turn Roadburn’s Het Patronaat church into a temple of underworld illumination on Friday, April 15.

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DawnbearerLP (2011)spotifyBandCamp
No Holier TempleLP (2012)spotifyBandCampYoutube
Iron MarshEP (2013)spotifyBandCampYoutube
When We Are DeathLP (2016)spotify

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Interview quote from Heathen Harvest