[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From Roadburn’s presentation of Dead To A Dying World”]From sweeping classical passages to almost unbearably fierce black metal outpourings, our shortcomings as a species are therein displayed without remorse, as are their devastating effects, and so the result is the overall atmosphere of their songs becoming one of epically decaying doom, as much in style as in the feeling of dread itself.[/pullquote]

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With Dead To A Dying World we’re close to the edge, nearing the definite ending, the void after which all ceases to exist, everything turns black.

Dead To A Dying World is the end of the world as a televised documentary for the masses to watch in breathtaking horror. The world is a beautiful place in and of itself, so it’s of course befitting that the soundtrack to its demise should be as grandiose and beautiful as it is haunting.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Cicatrix – 2nd track on Litany”]Behold, as the Aeons change, / Hints of life flicker once more. / The dust of the old world / Still falls around us. / Memories of low concussions, / Haunt the days. / Myria, count the years of failure.

Each day more gray than the one before. / Each day more gray than the one before. / Soon all the trees in the world will fall.

Each day more gray than the one before. / Each day more gray than the one before. / We shall not bring new life into a dying world.

Each day more gray than the one before. / Blood is the only thing within the hearts of men.[/pullquote]

Whether they are to be described as neo-black or post-black is actually not of particular significance. What is though, is the incredible set of emotions displayed within the compositions of Dead To A Dying World – all of them bleak and without any sign of salvation or even redemption.

Instead of blinding ourselves to what can seem like the inevitable destruction of mankind and most of the ecosystem known as earth, Dead To A Dying World embraces this in their art, creating haunting blackened soundscapes containing an almost tangible sadness and pain, any aggression found therein tempered by the inevitability of demise.

Within this context, they have created some of the most beautiful – at times even calm and collected – music to come out of the black metal tradition. Epic, multi-layered, ever-changing, passionately bleak growly vocals overlaying the music with the more post-black sections nearing a wall of impenetrable sound. And on the more traditional black sections the tremolo-parts are helped along by some great bass-work, ensuring the sound is not as “thin” as on many more traditional black metal recordings.

On their latest opus, Litany, Dead To A Dying World use viola (as opposed to the cello used on their debut – and on lots and lots of other dark metal albums) which is definitely an interesting twist. Leading to the strings being used not only to enhance the sadness and hopelessness, but as much as a counterpoint to the aggression, giving the band a more enigmatic feel.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From an interview by Dreams Of Consciousness”]Dead To A Dying World is the struggle of survival in world wrought with pain and suffering. It is the misguided hope that we are anything more than obsolete on an evolutionary timeline. It is representative of both the struggle and departure from our natural world and the inner anguish and self-doubt from within.[/pullquote]

With Litany Dead To A Dying World has stepped out from the anonymity and created a masterpiece of impending doom, that has a lingering effect on the listener for long after the music has stopped.

Dead To A Dying World are one of the bands whose performance at this year’s Roadburn Festival I’m looking forward to the most – and can only hope they don’t clash with any of the other class acts on an extremely well-rounded saturday lineup…

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Roadburn-2016-DTADWIt is elegance, rage and violent beauty that Dead To A Dying World will bring to the Roadburn 2016 stage where the seven-piece will play on Saturday, April 16. The end is coming – be there with us when it happens.

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Interview quote from Dreams Of Consciousness