[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Yann Ligner (vocals) from interview in The Midland Rocks”]We could imagine that the bird (on the album cover) is leading the listener towards various landscapes and stories. We wanted to infuse a feeling of evasion in coherence with the music, the texts and the art cover. I think the title represents exactly the atmosphere and the guideline of the album. Klone’s music always had this mystical side and a psychedelic atmosphere. We just wanted to make something less dark than Black Days. The Dreamer’s Hideaway is like a call of travel.[/pullquote]

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French band Klone stems from a weird, somewhat crazily fitting amalgemation of grunge and prog, and over the course of five albums and a couple of EPs have been on a journey of ongoing fine-tuning of their musical expression.

Starting out they did pack a lot of aggression – sounding like what Pantera would have perhaps sounded like given a bit more musical finesse, you could easily hear the potential and the technical skills of the bandmembers on those early releases. And what they did worked absolutely best when they were being a bit more enigmatic in their compositions.

So, it seemed that leaning more towards their prog-side would be somewhat inevitable. Which is more less also what happened, with the real crossover probably happening on the wonderful The Eye Of Needle EP, where the band delve deep into 70s prog, to find inspiration that fits perfectly into their particular musical vision. Slaps of Yes/Floyd/Heep inspired psychedelia blended with more straightforward modern prog-riffs resulting in an irrestistable blend.

This is also a prime example of the EP-format when it works best. To have put the two parts of The Eye Of Needle onto a regular album, placed between other tracks, would definitely have detracted from both the other tracks, and this amazing composition.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From The Eye Of Needle Part I“]And if we swallow each other / To digest our mistakes / Like a snake under my skin / The torn flesh forever

Nightfall on the eye of needle / And now we are like foreign bodies / The bright stars appear in the sky / Something that we can’t imagine.[/pullquote]

To really get a feel of the span of the band and the direction they are carving out for themselves, check out the two most recent releases, the hard prog-rocking The Dreamer’s Hideaway from 2012, and the more aetheric, fluid 2015-album Here Comes The Sun, that does take the band further into more unknown territory, adding jazzy-parts, cleaner vocals into a surprisingly homogenous and consistent album, that does take a few listens to distill – but it keeps on growing, and is a great accomplishment for the band.

Klone seems to know exactly what they want, and their show at Roadburn will be a good opportunity to cut the ropes tethering you to the ground, and simply float away on the music.

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Roadburn-2016-KloneFrench quintet metallers Klone will be playing Roadburn Festival 2016 on Sunday, April 17 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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High Blood PressureEP (2004)Youtube
All Seeing EyeLP (2008)BandCampYoutube
Black DaysLP (2010)BandCampYoutube
The Eye Of NeedleEP (2011)Youtube
The Dreamer's HideawayLP (2012)spotifyYoutube
Here Comes The SunLP (2015)spotify

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