[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From Roadburn’s presentation of La Muerte“]Conjuring extreme, horrifying images of death, addiction, the road and urban violence glued to putrid rock ‘n’ roll and manic-depressive bluesrock, La Muerte released a string of cult-albums and EP’s throughout the 80s and early 90s, which heavily resonated with those abandoned by love or devoid of hope. Even the devil’s rejects found refuge in La Muerte‘s growling, howling, stop / start frenzy, and feedback shivers of guitar burning through the dark cracks of life.[/pullquote]

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La Muerte has been one of the harder bands to research, since there’s not much of their older material available online. (And me not knowing them in advance, of course.)

But going through what I have been able to find has been an absolute pleasure.

La Muerte are harsh, abbrassive, caustic in the best (post)punk-rock way. An amazing amalgamation of The Birthday Party with the likes of Sisters Of Mercy and The Stooges.

La Muerte seems to be all about a big, ugly “to hell with all the conventions”. Completely in-your-face delivery in a decidedly cool manner. Like coolness and aggression in one, big, over-the-top package.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Didier Moens speaking about the band’s anniversary-concert at the AB in 2015 (fortunately for Roadburners, this has turned out to be not quite accurate :-) )”]This is just a celebration because of the band’s birthday! We will play some songs we never played live before, as we could not to do that with 1 guitar. We do not know really, we will see what March brings! To be honest, La Muerte will end the end of this year![/pullquote]

Luckily, one of the albums I’ve been able to find (on Spotify) is the 1990 covers-album Experiment In Terror. Very much can be learned about a band’s way to work with and approach music by listening to them taking on cover-versions of well-known songs. Basically, this album is simply one great rendition after another.

Much like The Walkabouts (although you can of course hardly compare the music of these 2 bands), La Muerte has mastered the art of owning other people’s music. They dive below the surface of these tracks, and emerge with a new, distilled (but also invigorated) version that is both their own, and at the same time gives new (or enhanced) life and meaning to the original. Great versions of songs like Kung Fu Fighting, Blues For Findlay and San Quentin reside on this great album – and on top of that, a better version of Morning Dew than the one Einstürzende Neubauten did!

La Muerte is a great mix of full-on assault, restraint, and an at times almost Butthole Surfers-like approach to the construction and deconstruction of music.

It will probably be a both sweaty and fun set come April.

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The international return of Belgium‘s legendary riders of the apocalypse, La Muerte, happens at Roadburn 2016 on Saturday, April 16 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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Experiment In TerrorLP (1990)spotify
Raw (Live)LP (1994)spotify

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Interview-quote taken from the PeekABoo Magazine