[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From Cvlt Nation’s introduction to an interview with Dirk Serries”]Yodok III, an experiment of acoustic drums, attacked by the Norwegian drummer Tomas Järmyr, a processed tuba blown and twisted by the Norwegian musician Kristoffer Lo and guitar droning made by Serries trying to make the earth tremble in a state of telepathic sinergy.[/pullquote]

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Yodok III are one of those bands on the list of Roadburn bands for this year, that has to go under the heading of “awe-inspiringly interesting

Consisting of Norwegians Kristoffer Lo and Tomas Järmyr (who together comprises the duo Yodok) with the addition of Belgian guitarist Dirk Serries, Yodok III are firmly entrenched in the avantgarde/ambient/improv spectrum, but should also have a definite appeal for fans of the more adventurous types of post.

Creating weird, wonderful slow-moving soundscapes that approach (and surpass) the 20-minute mark, all fully improvised. Truly building up their compositions from nothing into something much more intense and involved, but in a way that you hardly recognize the true path of development, until it dawns upon you that what you’re listening to right now, is something that’s decidedly different from what you were listening to 10 minutes ago.

Especially the tuba and flugabone work of Kristoffer Lo is exciting, adding an air to the music not necessarily heard in other music of its kind, adding immensely to the guitar of Dirk Serries, at times delicate, at times leading the path onwards, creating exciting dreamscapes, evocative and almost soothing in places, dramatic and grandiose otherwere. Entwined with some amazing drum-work by Järmyr, far, far removed from the traditional role of drums as a simple percussive instrument.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Dirk Serries from interview in Cvlt Nation”]An invitation from Tomas (Järmyr) followed to record an album with them in Norway. What was still for me a big mystery was how our collaboration would sound, and what Tomas and Kristoffer would even expect from me; but the recording became magical and in just one day’s time we recorded the complete album. Completely improvised, it just clicked and confirmed Tomas’ expectation that our musical languages could blend and correspond.[/pullquote]

Just listen to, for instance, watching the stone of celestial flaw rush down from The Sky Flashes, The Great Sea Yearns, immerse yourself in the flow of the composition, follow along on the journey, then open your eyes to an amazing cacophony of ambient sounds and sublime drumming.

Or the 1st track on the Yodok III album, which wondrously keeps building and building, creating a restless anticipation, paired with a lurking precognition that this anticipation will never be released into anything tangible.

There is something deeply reverent about Yodok III. They initiate so many exciting images in my mind you can almost hear the synapses firing, while at the same time putting my body in an almost trance-like state of relaxation, enabling me to enjoy those images to the fullest extent.

Yodok III look likely to be able to induce a reality-transcending trance that should last far longer than their set at Roadburn.

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Roadburn-2016-YodokIIIYodok III will discard all musical boundaries at Roadburn 2016, plus they will also be releasing their forthcoming live-album, Legion Of Radiance : Live At Dokkhuset  (on Belgium’s Consouling Sounds) alongside their performance on Saturday, April 16 at the 013 venue.

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Yodok IIILP (2014)BandCamp
The Sky Flashes, The Great Sea YearnsLP (2015)BandCamp

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Quotes taken from interview in Cvlt Nation