[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From review of Light Of Day… by ChroniclesOfChaos.com”]Fervency slaloms through Green Carnation as the Nile navigates near Burundi, its canopied source. Richly laden tracks filled with emotion bury the listener under feelings of cavernous despondency, but simultaneously addictive, hard-fought passages beg insatiable satisfaction.[/pullquote]

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Trying to describe Green Carnation, versatile would be a word that comes easily to mind with regards to this Norwegian band.

Centered around guitarist Tchort, in as much as the band went into hibernation after he joined Emperor in 1990 (which of course then gave us another fantastic band – In The Woods…). They reformed in 1998, which is a damned blessing, considering the eminent releases we would have missed out on otherwise…

Starting out by blending prog and gothic-doom on the first couple of releases, they later on drifted more towards the prog-side, losing on the way some of the cold, haunting qualities of the early albums, replacing them with almost painful beauty, and never along the way falling into the pitiful abyss of replacing emphasis on the song with mindless, unnecessary musical masturbation.

For Roadburn though, it’s all centered around the ambitious magnificence of their sophomore album Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness. Their Roadburn-set will “simply” consist of a complete playthrough of this album.

This one-track, 60 minutes+ album is a landmark both in the band’s discography, as well as in general metal history. Twisting and turning, exploring roads that may or may not lead to dead-ends, but musically never giving up – which is beautifully mirrored in the seeking, soul-searching lyrics, reading more like an epic poem, than the mere lyrics for a song.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness“]I sat before myself / I looked above below

Doves and birds, grass and trees / Where was all I used to see? / Why am I not / What I used to be? / I embrace / My living self

I see the unseen / I hear the unheard / I learned the secret / But not before I learned

Night divide day, day erase night / Light of day, day of Darkness[/pullquote]

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The guest-vocals by Synne Soprana (from In The Woods…) are quite simply stunning, and the music… while still dark and doomy (at least at times), there is a lot more emphasis on progressive exploration. Truly a masterpiece, that has been able to stand its time over the 15 years that have gone by since its release.

I for one am really looking forward to being mesmerized by this formidable piece on the stage in Tilburg this April.

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Norwegian progressive metal innovators Green Carnation will be journeying to Tilburg,The Netherlands where they will perform their classic 2001 album Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness in its entirety at Roadburn 2016 at the 013 venue on Sunday, April 17.

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Journey To The End Of The NightLP (2000)spotifyBandCampYoutube
Light Of Day, Day Of DarknessLP (2001)spotifyBandCampYoutube
A Blessing In DisguiseLP (2003)spotify
The Quiet OffspringLP (2005)spotifyBandCampYoutube
The Burden Is Mine... AloneEP (2005)spotify
The Acoustic VersesLP (2006)spotifyYoutube

Band photo used in featured image, by Mark Coatsworth under the CC 3.0 Attribute Share Alike license

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