[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Roadburn’s Walter Hoeijmakers about signing Astrosoniq for this year’s festival”]The moment Astrosoniq steer their mothership through a neverending trip into the unknown will be transcendental. I’m over the moon that our 2016 attendees will be able to explore the outer limits with Astrosoniq as their captain. It’s such a rare occasion, and I’m honored to be a part of it doing visuals and extremely happy that Roadburners will have the chance to experience a band who means so much to us.[/pullquote]

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Of all the bands I’ve checked out for this years Roadburn, Astrosoniq seems to be the hardest band to pigeonhole.

First and foremost of course Astrosoniq are a spacerock band – as far as I can tell a legendary one (how’s that for me being out of the loop? ;-) ) – hailing from Oss in the Netherlands, hence the nickname Wizards Of Oss.

Listening to Astrosoniq, a myriad of references pop into my mind, and I hear hardrock, I hear vocals that somehow strangely remind me of Ian Astbury (The Cult), I hear regular stoner rock, I hear psychedelia, etc. etc.

But like the smell of exotic spices, whirling, swirling around in the air around you, it’s hard to actually grasp any particulars. Yet, even so, they’re intense, filled with meaning and intent, promising, alluring, exquisite.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Marcel Van de Vondervoort (drums) in interview with MetalRage”]I believe very much in personal interpretations of titles and lyrics and do not want to dictate my own or the band’s opinions about them to the listener, who should be able to let his imagination run free and construct his own trip triggered by our music, that is what spacerock is about imo[/pullquote]

And below everything is a murky swamp of something truly psychedelic – at times bordering on sinister, resulting in a music that’s both envigorating and hypnotic at the same time. Astrosoniq seems hellbent on using whatever is needed to further the feel and core of each song. Be it noise, regular heavy metal, or jazz. Which turns listening to their albums into a dazzling, moving experience, demanding of the listener that all receptors are kept open and ready.

One of the areas where it’s actually easiest to hear just how much care and effort has been put into the compositions, are the use of samples from movies and such. This is one of the best utilized applications of this technique I’ve encountered, fitting seemlessly into the listening experiencing, aiding and abetting (where otherwise it could easily detract from the music).

A well-rounded band, that takes their listeners to strange, beautiful places. And it will be interesting to see, what Walter Hoeijmakers will brew up to visually enhance the experience come Roadburn.

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Roadburn-2016-AstrosoniqAstrosoniq return to Roadburn 2016 for a very rare performance on Saturday, April 16, at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Roadburn‘s artistic director, Walter, will operate live visuals during their set.

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Son Of A.P. LadyLP (2000)Youtube
Speeder PeopleLP (2006)spotify
QuadrantLP (2009)spotifyYoutube

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