[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Lyrics for Aes“]mountains become heavy like dust / towers will stand like smoke / ages tighten to become aes / entering the levitation / feet would crave for solid ground / lost in vast forbidden ground / fell from clouds on sacred ground in the mills of thought are being ground / mountains dust / towers smoke / ages aes / in levitation / swans hang from the heavy clouds / moon swam like a forgotten sin beneath / towards the bottom / through the lucid roof rose the-hanged-birds / heavy like statues of copper / in levitation as in an ethereal dream / swans became heavy to remain silent / as the stream will sink[/pullquote]

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First time I heard Skepticism‘s debut-album Stormcrowfleet, a movie played for my inner eye. A horror-movie; more specifically a Lovecraftian horror-movie. I found myself standing on a deserted, rocky beach, tied securely to a torture stake, while Cthulhu was slowly rising out of the ocean. And slowly, slowly coming ever nearer towards me. I knew, Cthulhu knew, and Skepticism seemed to know as well, exactly what the bloody outcome of this would be, but I kept staring, Cthulhu kept coming nearer, and the band kept on playing.

And, to me, that describes Skepticism extremely well. A relentless, yet slooow, attack on all your senses, in a way that you simply cannot resist – you have to keep on listening, and you have to go down a couple of gears yourself, in order to better understand, to better inhale this haunting, yet at the same time majestic music. And at the same time, you find yourself suffering from a claustrophobia you’ll find yourself hard-pressed to explain.

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Funeral doom goes only partways to describing their sound. Yes, there is the despair and nihilistic nothingness of that genre, but there is something else too. There is a competent grandeur to the bleakness. And as the band has matured, elements from both post-metal and prog has begun seeping into the music, all the while without removing themselves from the deep, dark, doomy foundation the band has chosen to anchor themselves to, and which lends them such a powerful presence, no matter what is welded on top to enhance the musical aesthetics.

Standing out in their catalogue is the 1999 Aes EP, a single 27-minute track. It is a fantastic composition, which I find at times reminding me of some of Chris Eckman‘s (The Walkabouts etc.) darker moments. A track slowly writhing along the plains, like a slow, big river, tired from rushing through the mountains, yet also knowing the youthful moments of rebellious onslaught against those mountains will never come again.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From interview on Noisey”][Q]To me personally, the response to doom seems more emotional, whereas during more technical, brutal kinds of shows, the response is more physical.

[A]I think you are on the right track with that. In our lyrics, I want to write so there is space; we don’t say too much, so you can understand your own way. It’s the same with the music. There is space in it, so it won’t be like sports in a way. It’s simple, like you said, and you build your emotions on top of it, rather than having it ready-made.[/pullquote]

Skepticism have matured into a refined and beautiful vision of sorrow, decay and decline, and albums like Alloy and Ordeal sees the band at their peak – promising an extremely evocative and emotional set at Roadburn.

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Finnish funeral doom pioneers Skepticism will play a fan-favorite set exclusively for Roadburn 2016 to celebrate their oeuvre on Saturday, April 16 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands

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StormcrowfleetLP (1995)spotifyBandCampYoutube
EthereEP (1997)spotify
Lead And AetherLP (1998)spotifyYoutube
AesEP (1999)spotifyYoutube
The Process Of FarmakonEP (2002)spotify
FarmakonLP (2003)spotifyYoutube
AlloyLP (2008)spotifyYoutube
OrdealLP (2015)spotifyBandCampYoutube

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Interview quote from Noisey