[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”User ‘Steve’ in comment at Bandcamp”]The dead of night in a foreign land.

A gibbous moon squats,fat and low overhead,bathing the forest in a blood red glow.Strange figures observe your approach from the darkness of skeletal trees; the wind grasping like a hungry ghost.

Suddenly fire roars alive,spastic figures swaying in the shadow and flame.Wild dogs snarl spittle-flecked fury vying for charred,human remains.The cacophony is deafening,mantras like a punch to the gut.And,oh shit,everywhere is skulls,skulls,skulls.

This is Nibiru.[/pullquote]

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Nibiru from Italy is nothing short of the bastard child of romantic dalliances between Pink Floyd and Butthole Surfers

Or, perhaps, it’s more like healthy experimentation going on in the mad lab of professors Barrett and Haines?

Any which way you choose to slice it, diving into the cesspool of Nibiru‘s Eastern-influenced meditations carries a definite risk of changing the frequency of your brainwaves for good.

Under the guise of some particularly droney sludge, with some added eastern mystique and a healthy helping of dripping psychedelia, Nibiru sets out to change the way we experience music, with some great evocative, tribalistic, trance-inducing compositions that leaves the listener helpless to do anything but succumb and be drawn into the maelstrom.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”From an interview in OffCycles”]Siatris: When we create a song, Siatris no longer exists, Ardath or Ri no longer exist… This concept is not easy to explain, the creative process makes us one, it is a force that floods us more powerfully than any drug. I try to free my mind from everyday thoughts, from worry, from duties… The only way to create something unique. Many people see darkness in our compositions, I see light and life…

Ardath: The absence of any mental condition, as Siatris said, I don’t exist, we don’t exist, it is a moment of absence but not sterile or passive but rather explosive. Energies which are difficult to describe merge in a single organism, I understand them in part by subsequently re-listening to the tracks composed and only then do I realise what has happened.[/pullquote]

Whether they’re pushing avantgardic drone, distorted religious-sounding chanting, electro-rock, loops, effect-laden vocals, eerie sound-bites or the first proper, appropriate use of auto-tune I’ve ever encountered, everything is drenched in the same kind of psychedelia that Butthole Surfers was so prolific in producing. And the comparison is not made lightly – there seems to be a true, general kinship that dips into the same undercurrent which inspired the Texas psych-punkers. But Nibiru are definitely taking things to further extremes.

In fact, I don’t think I have ever heard another band, that so completely encompasses everything I found great about Surfers, yet totally doing their own thing, creating their own space, developing on their own path.

And I envision a live-set with Nibiru as the closest this old agnostic atheist will ever be able to get to something akin to religious ecstacy.

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Oh – and as an aside – here’s a nice example of Nibiru not shying away from controverse, instead showing a nice sarcastic, humorous “activism” – check out this “censored” video for Invokation IV. Then checkout the uncensored version from their Facebook page (and should anyone know, I’d be delighted to learn which movie those clips are from…)

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Nibiru will play Roadburn 2016 on Friday, April 15th at the 013 venue.

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CasogonLP (2013)BandCamp
Netrayoni2LP (2014)Part 1:
Part 2:
PadmalotusLP (2015)spotifyBandCamp

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Interview quote from OffCycles