I am now officially 50, which of course has the advantage that I’m allowed to be grumpy!

I am of course also allowed to forfeit that privilege, and infuse my misanthropy with a solid dose of joy.

You see – my lovely family has been so kind as to gift me a ticket to Roadburn 2016 for my birthday – and judging from the lineup so far, this is going to be the greatest festival-experience of my life.

And to share my expectations, the joy of finding a lot of great bands I had never listened to before, and hopefully to help others do the same, for the next four months I intend to write presentations for as many of the Roadburn 2016 bands as possible.

At the time of writing this, there are around 65 bands on the roster (with more yet to come), so yeah – I’ve got my work cut out for me, but what the hell, I already intended to listen to as much of the available music from those bands beforehand, so why not make some noise for those great bands too?

So, let the games commence – expect to find (along with the presentations), some personal reminiscing, some Roadburn-related info and fun-facts, and for each band links to online-streams of as much of their discography as possible – now you no longer have any excuse not to listen to any of them :-)