Into the fray we hurl – and what better way to start both a series of daily (hopefully rather diverse) videos, than to pick both a Roadburn 2016 attendee and at the same time something disturbing and avantgardic? Yup, thought so myself.

Preparing for The Poisoned Glass’ set on Roadburn is actually exceedingly easy, as they have so far only released a single track, the haunting and claustrophoic Silent Vigil.

Not that they are brand-new, wet-behind-the-ears noobs. Members G. Stuart Dahlquist and Edgy 59 are of course well-known figures in the doom/drone world hailing from and around the mighty Sunn O))). The Poisoned Glass is quite it’s own though, both stylistically and otherwise. Take a look at this video, where the track is accompanied by video-imagery taken from Arthur Lipsett’s film 21-87.