Just did a little housekeeping and updating, in order to keep things a bit easier to find.

First of all – in the top menu is a entry (Roadburn 2016) with a string of sub-entries. Here you’ll find an alphabetized list of all bands, with links to the presentations on this site. And a list for each day, sub-divided in the different stages at Roadburn – based on the already released info-posters from those great guys in the Netherlands. Again with links to the presentations on this site (where applicable, of course).

I still aim at having presented all bands released so far, somewhere around April 1st (more fool me :-p ) – and hope to have been through all attending bands before leaving Denmark on 12th of April (but seeing as I don’t quite know what is in store with regards to the 11 remaining bands I might be in for a nasty surprise – or at least a ton of extra work…)

To top things off, I’ve created a Spotify playlist containing all the Roadburn-relevant materials I’ve been able to find on there (original studio recordings) – something you simply put on, hit Shuffle, then sit back and pretend it’s already April 14 (might have to close your eyes, depending on your ability to pretend…)

The playlist can be found here (web linkopen in Spotify) – and there’s a player and a link in the sidebar, right at the top for easy reference. And will be updated whenever new albums appear (or new bands are announced)

And thanks to all who are checking out what I’m doing here, hope you’re enjoying at least some of it – and especially thanks to the Roadburn crew for sharing my posts!