Another week, another new edition of the playlist.

After last week’s somewhat “sparse” edition (clocking in at well under 2 hours), we’re back in a more verbose territory, of course just as wide-ranging and experimental as we (and hopefully you) like.

For the rest of the year, I will be ending of each edition of the playlist with a track featuring Chris Eckman, the extemely underrated (in my view) guitarist/singer/founder of The Walkabouts and much more. Consider it a payback for all the hours I spent in the company of his music. For this week, we visit Chris’ first (and many would say main) band The Walkabouts, for the first, but definitely not the last time.

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  1. Zombi – Chant. From the 2021 album Liquid CrystalFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  2. Anatomia – Mortem. From the 2021 album Corporeal TormentFacebookBandcamp
  3. ADULT. – Gimmie Trouble. From the 2005 album Gimmie TroubleFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  4. Electric Party – Catwalk. From the 2021 album PlayBandcamp
  5. Disparaitre – Nacthspinärinnä. From the 2021 album UrchigBandcamp
  6. Many Suffer – The Trees Die Standing. From the 2021 compilation album Metal Massacre XVFacebookBandcamp
  7. Nadja – Cuts On Your Hands. From the 2021 album Luminous RotFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  8. Colleen – Revelation. From the 2021 album The Tunnel And The ClearingFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  9. Panopticon – Know Hope. From the 2021 album …And Again Into The LightFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  10. Jaimie Branch – prayer for amerikkka pt. 1 & 2. From the 2021 live album FLY OR DIE LIVEFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  11. Sarah Neufeld – Shed Your Dear Heart. From the 2021 album DetritusFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  12. De Må Være Belgiere – Sol & Måne. From the 2021 album ParadisFacebookBandcamp
  13. Decoherence – In Perpendicular Planes. From the 2021 album System IBandcamp
  14. Rutger Zuydervelt / Hugo Dijkstal / Peter Hollo – BERG (score sketch). From the 2021 soundtrack album BERG (Music For A Film By Joke Olthaar)FacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  15. Hooded Menace – Blood Ornaments. From the 2021 single Blood OrnamentsFacebookWikipedia
  16. Burial – Dolphinz. From the 2021 EP Chemz / DolphinzFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  17. Sarah Jane Summers / Juhani Silvola – Borrowed Days. From the 2021 album The Smoky Smirr O RainFacebook (SJS)Facebook (JS)Bandcamp (SJS)Bandcamp (JS)
  18. Faith Coloccia / Philip Jeck – Acquire The Air. From the 2021 album StardustWikipedia (FC)Wikipedia (PJ)Bandcamp (PJ)
  19. Vouna – Highest Mountain. From the 2021 single Highest MountainFacebookBandcamp
  20. Decapitated – Day 69. From the 2006 album Organic HallucinosisFacebookWikipedaiBandcamp
  21. Arcane Existence – Sovereign Blood. From the 2021 single Sovereign BloodFacebookBandcamp
  22. Nemorous – Omega. From the 2021 album NemorousFacebookBandcamp
  23. Tvær – III. From the 2021 album UværBandcamp
  24. The Walkabouts – Firetrap. From the 1994 album Setting The Woods On FireFacebookWikipediaBandcamp