Another week, another new edition of the playlist.

This week’s edition starts out showing exactly what these collections of music is all about. Starting out with the noisy experimental metal of Human Failure, then immediately takes a sharp turn into Xenia Rubinos’ wonderfully quirky pop, before turning onto a sideroad with the jazzy, doomy weirdness of HORE. There is no roadmap – and that’s the way I like it.

For the rest of the year, I will be ending of each edition of the playlist with a track featuring Chris Eckman, the extemely underrated (in my view) guitarist/singer/founder of The Walkabouts and much more. Consider it a payback for all the hours I spent in the company of his music. For this week, I turn my attention to his his duo with fellow Walkabout Carla Torgerson, Chris & Carla.

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  1. Human Failure – Crown On The Head Of A King Of Mud. From the 2021 EP Crown On The Head Of A King Of MudBandcamp
  2. Xenia Rubinos – Cógelo Suave. From the 2021 single Cógelo SuaveFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  3. HORE – Król Olch. From the 2021 album Siostry WiedźmyFacebookBandcamp
  4. King Diamond – Insanity. From the 1990 album The EyeFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  5. Nap Eyes – Following A God Desire. From the 2021 EP When I Come AroundFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  6. Shannon Lay – Rare To Wake. From the 2021 single Rare To WakeFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  7. Nifrost – Sirkel. From the 2021 single SirkelFacebookBandcamp
  8. Bastard Noise – The Crossroads Of Agony. From the 2021 album (split w. Amps For Christ) The Crossroads Of Agony / Cliff ParadeWikipediaBandcamp
  9. Amps For Christ – Now We Burn. From the 2021 album (split w. Bastard Noise) The Crossroads Of Agony / Cliff ParadeWikipediaBandcamp (I)Bandcamp (II)
  10. Black Desert Sun – Echobrain. From the 2016 album Black Desert SunFacebookBandcamp
  11. Spectral Wound – Imperial Thanatosis. From the 2018 album Infernal DecadenceFacebookBandcamp
  12. clipping. – Shooter: Jana Rush’s Face Rearranged Remix. From the 2021 album Wriggle ExpandedFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  13. Colin Stetson – A Taste Of Battle. From the 2021 soundtrack album La Peur (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)FacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  14. When The Deadbolt Breaks – Color The Sun. From the 2018 album Angels Are Weeping… God Has AbandonedFacebookBandcamp
  15. LYR – Redwings. From the 2021 single Winter Solstice / RedwingsFacebook
  16. Dordeduh – În vieliștea uitării. From the 2021 album HarFacebookBandcamp
  17. Fatima Al Qadiri – Malaak. From the 2014 album Medieval FemmeFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  18. Chris & Carla – Long Slow River. From the 2007 album Fly High Brave DreamersFacebook (Chris)Facebook (Carla)