Well, at the moment, nothing much happens here, except this weekly playlist, which I hope brings pleasure to listeners.

For the rest of the year, I will be ending of each edition of the playlist with a track featuring Chris Eckman, the extemely underrated (in my view) guitarist/singer/founder of The Walkabouts and much more. Consider it a payback for all the hours I spent in the company of his music. This week the second single (and title track) from his upcoming album Where The Spirit Rests, which will be out on Glitterhouse Records on June the 4th.

Again, this weeks playlist is a mishmash of styles and expressions – which is tied together by the fact that against all odds, they touched this music fan within the span of a week, and left him emotionally a little bit more stable.

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  1. Jordfäst – Buren Av Loppor. From the 2021 album HädanefterFacebookBandcamp
  2. Terminalist – Dromocracy. From the 2021 album The Great AccelerationFacebookBandcamp
  3. Nordjevel – Rovdyr. From the 2021 EP FenrirFacebookBandcamp
  4. Last Agony – Vile Egotistical Conduct (Demented Ego, Pt. II). From the 2021 album The Imminent SlaughterFacebookBandcamp
  5. Sharon Van Etten – Some Things Last A Long Time. From the 2021 single Let Go b/w Some Things Last A Long TimeFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  6. Inferno – The Wailing Horizon. From the 2021 album Paradeigma (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity)FacebookBandcamp
  7. Joseph Shabason – Escape From North York. From the 2021 album The FellowshipFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  8. Lanterns On The Lake – If I’ve Been Unkind. From the 2011 album Gracious Tide, Take Me HomeFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  9. Farawisa – Frægð. From the 2021 album FrægðFacebookBandcamp
  10. Jute Gyte – Prometheus Ends In Onan. From the 2021 album MitrealitätBandcamp
  11. Eternal Rot – In Their Decaying Eyes. From the 2018 EP CadaverineFacebookBandcamp
  12. Stöner – Rad Stays Rad. From the 2021 album Live In The Mojave Desert, Vol. 4FacebookBandcamp
  13. Polly Fae – The Infinity Of A Wildflower. From the 2021 album EarthlightFacebookBandcampBandcamp (album)
  14. Falle Nioke / Sir Was – Love. From the 2021 EP MarasiFacebook (FN)Facebook (SW)Bandcamp (FN)Bandcamp (SW)
  15. Colin Stetson / Sarah Neufeld – Blue Caprice. From the 2021 album Blue Caprice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Facebook (CS)Facebook (SN)Wikipedia (CS)Wikipedia (SN)Bandcamp (CS)Bandcamp (SN)Bandcamp (Duo)
  16. Plasmodium – Vertexginous. From the 2021 album Towers Of SilenceFacebookBandcamp
  17. Descendents – On You. From the 2020 single SuffrageFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  18. Sufjan Stevens – Incantation II. From the 2021 album ConvocationsWikipediaBandcamp
  19. Funeral Circle – The Charnel God. From the 2013 album Funeral CircleBandcamp
  20. MAN ON MAN – Daddy. From the 2021 album MAN ON MANFacebookBandcamp
  21. Squid – Pamphlets. From the 2021 album Bright Green FieldFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  22. Vokonis – Odyssey. From the 2021 album OdysseyFacebookBandcamp
  23. Violet Cold – We Met During The Revolution. From the 2021 album Empire Of LoveFacebookBandcamp
  24. Dawn Ray’d – Wild Fire, Pt. 1. From the 2021 single Wild FireFacebookBandcamp
  25. Grey Aura – Het Schuimspoor van de Ramp. From the 2021 album Zwart VierkantFacebookBandcamp
  26. Chris Eckman – Where The Spirit Rests. From the 2021 single Where The Spirit RestsFacebookBandcamp