Another week – another edition of the SBL Radio playlist.

For the rest of the year, I will be ending of each edition of the playlist with a track featuring Chris Eckman, the extemely underrated (in my view) guitarist/singer/founder of The Walkabouts and much more. Consider it a payback for all the hours I spent in the company of his music.

As always – a rollercoaster-ride of various styles and genres. The only connecting factor being that each track touched me emotionally in some way.

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  1. Sterbefall – Negativ. From the 2021 album Verlorene ZeitFacebookBandcamp
  2. Garbage – The Men Who Rule The World. From the 2021 single No Gods No MastersFacebookWikipedia
  3. Warish – Destroyer. From the 2021 album Next To PayFacebookBandcamp
  4. Fyrnask – Helreginn. From the 2021 album VII – KenomaFacebookBandcamp
  5. Stone Healer – Whence Shall I. From the 2021 album ConquistadorFacebookBandcamp
  6. Fabian Filiks – The Stranger. From the 2021 album VertigoFacebookBandcamp
  7. Molok – Pint. From the 2021 album SkærFacebookBandcamp
  8. Jarguna – Commutator. From the 2021 album Animas-kFacebookBandcamp
  9. Lustmord – Black Static. From the 2016 album Dark MatterFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  10. Citizen – Death Dance Approximately (Alternative Version). From the 2021 EP Glass Mix 1FacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  11. Killing Joke – This Tribal Antidote. From the 2006 album Hosannas From The Basement Of HellFacebookWikipedia
  12. Stone Machine Electric – Purgatory. From the 2019 album Darkness Dimensions DisillusionFacebookBandcamp
  13. Frayle – Ring Of Fire. From the 2021 EP Live At The House Of WillsFacebookBandcamp
  14. Vreid – Into The Mountains. From the 2021 album Wild North WestFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  15. Amorphis – Magic And Mayhem. From the 2000 album Tales From The Thousand Lakes / Black Winter DayFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  16. Rinnovare – An Honest Form In Fabric. From the 2021 album Held Under AllBandcamp
  17. Elder – Sonntag. From the 2017 album Reflections Of A Floating WorldFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  18. NOÊTA – Elm. From the 2021 album ElmFacebookBandcamp
  19. Spiritualized – Electric Mainline. From the 1995 album Pure PhaseFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  20. Capra – Torture Ship. From the 2021 album In TransmissionFacebookBandcamp
  21. Yelawolf – Oh No. From the 2021 album MudmouthFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  22. Sufjan Stevens – Celebration VI. From the 2021 album CelebrationsWikipediaBandcamp
  23. Universally Estranged – Reared Up In Spectral Predation. From the 2021 album Reared Up In Spectral PredationBandcamp
  24. Akhenaten – The Black Land. From the 2021 album The Emerald Tablets Of ThothFacebookBandcamp
  25. Chris Eckman – Early Snow. From the 2021 single Early SnowFacebookBandcamp