As part of dusting off this website, and slowly starting everything up again, I have of course also started curating the weekly playlist with lots of cool new tracks, and some cool older stuff interspersed.

As always, it’s an eclectic bunch, with everything from EBM through punk, abstract experiments, etc. to the extremely heavy and hard-hitting. Enjoy.

(To always have access to the newest edition, click here and follow the playlist. To check out the archives of previous versions, click here)

  1. Leæther Strip – Happy Days Are Here Again. From the 2021 album Back To IndustryFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  2. shame – Born In Luton. From the 2021 EP Live In The FleshFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  3. Thee Oh Sees – Enemy Destruct. From the 2021 album Levitation Sessions Vol IIFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  4. LISERSTILLE – Derelict. From the 2019 album IltFacebookBandcamp
  5. Sonic Boom – Tawkin Tekno – Remix. From the 2021 album Almost Nothing Is Nearly EnoughFacebookBandcamp
  6. Sufjan Stevens – Lamentation iX. From the 2021 album LamentationsWikipediaBandcamp
  7. Jeppe Zeeberg – Mutter Prelude. From the 2021 album The Full ExperienceFacebookBandcamp
  8. Jeppe Zeeberg – Artistically Yes, Commercially No. From the 2021 album The Full Experience
  9. Body Void – Fawn. From the 2021 album Bury Me Beneath This Rotting EarthFacebookBandcamp
  10. Alfa Mist – Attune. From the 2021 album Bring BacksFacebookBandcamp
  11. Big ‡ Brave – Half Breed. From the 2021 album VitalFacebookBandcamp
  12. OMEGA – Pleias. From the 2021 album NebraFacebookBandcamp
  13. Ulvehyrde – Dødsuret. From the 2021 album EnglemakerskenFacebookBandcamp
  14. The Selva / Machinefabriek – Mabartrama. From the 2021 album BarbatramaFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  15. The Rorschach Garden – Isolation. From the 2021 EP Dangerous Isolation SiteFacebookBandcamp
  16. Bongzilla – Space Rock. From the 2021 album WeedsconsinFacebookWikipediaBandcamp
  17. HYMNR – Part IV. From the 2021 album Far Beyond InsanityFacebookBandcamp
  18. Tetramorphe Impure – Eternal Procession. From the 2021 album Dead Hopes / The Last ChainsFacebookBandcamp
  19. Tons – Chronic Morning Obesity, pt 1. From the 2021 album split w. Bongzilla Doom Sessions, Vol. 4FacebookBandcamp
  20. King Azaz – In June. From the 2021 album Forever GreenFacebookBandcamp
  21. Conclave – Suicide Funeral. From the 2021 album Dawn Of DaysFacebookBandcamp
  22. Alan Vega – Nike Soldier. From the 2021 album MutatorFacebookWikipediaBandcamp