Perfect for the weekend!

In the same sludgy vein as for instance Amebix, Tau Cross, and early Voivod, Finnish/Spanish project Ruinebell is definitely worth a listen, as they carve out their place in the grand scheme of metal by adding further to the mix, instead of simply being carbon copies of those who came before.

The two tracks from new EP Ember’s Grave released so far by Doomentia Records on Bandcamp shows a fantastic combination of totally listenable, yet still dark and aggressive metal. Further, I’m totally into those fantastic vocals that are actually more in the vein of early Neurosis (around Word As Law)- a dimension that really enhances the result.

In Existance and The Hermit are two pretty diverse tracks, with the former being mid-tempo (but still dark and brooding) with some delightful Tom Warrior-inspired guitar-fills, while the latter lowers the tempo, with the vocals being just a tad more aggressive and threatening.