I am actually going! What I’ve been building up anticipation (and lately anxiety) for over the past 6 months+ is going down right now!

I’m sitting on the train towards Copenhagen, to catch my plane to Amsterdam, then go visit a good online friend, which will now turn into a good real-life friend, in The Hague, and after “exploiting” his hospitality for a while, will be thundering into Tilburg tomorrow to pitch up my tent and attend the Hardrock Hideout at the Cul De Sac – with a lineup that promises to be an epic start for the festivities.

Went to see the doctor yesterday, and got the final test-results… Inflammation in left arm had gone away – and the rest of the swelling was of a more “natural” kind. In short – she would allow me to go on with the trip…

“Allow”!? – say, what was she thinking… Even on antibiotics I would have gone – at least since the pain had gone to more endurable levels :-) – ah well, at least there will be no stern lecture if this somehow returns during the festival.

Anyway – noticed the pics Roadburn put up on their Instagram (@roadburnfest) of the Becky Cloonan banners, gracing the festival area… And it looks totally awesome. Did not know her beforehand, but she’s a fantastic artist, and what she’s made for this years festival is beyond amazing. I can’t wait to see it all live – and I’m not leaving Tilburg without having a piece of her art with me, be it a shirt, a poster, a flag, whatever!

Not much more to say for this first part, I guess – so, just checking out, with Scott Kelly in my ears, coffee in my stomach, and an almost unbearable restlessness in my whole body…

Roadburn, here I come!