Sometimes, the job of being deep into music coverage is a pretty difficult one – for instance, when in the midst of a project like this whole Roadburn-presentation thing, you’re faced with having to describe a band that have release the grand total of 8 minutes of music.

Anyway – Supersonic Blues play a fuzzy, repetitive blues-rock infused with a funky freshness and spunk that will probably warm the heart of any retro/stoner/fuzz-fan out there (present company included) and they seem to be a particularly fitting inclusion with this years stoner/psych theme.

Ah, who am I kidding – simply go listen to that single, you’ll not regret it.

In addition to their Hall of Fame performance on Friday, 20 April – a heady 60s / heavy 70s covers-set – Supersonic Blues will play a regular show on Saturday, 21 April at the San Diego Clubhouse.


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