With Spotlights (whose second album Seismic was recently released by venerable – and completely eclectic – label Ipecac) we’re in slippery territory, moving postrock into deeper and both more aetheric and heavier territory.

On a couple of albums and EPs Spotlights have been playing around with adding both a solid dose of shoegaze and noisepop to a solid basis of farsighted postrock, but at the same time not shying away from adding a solid dosage of riffs of a more doomy/sludgy character when it fits in with the song’s overall… character.

Spotlights – Learn To Breathe (Lyric Video)

The first single from SEISMIC, in stores October 6th. Pre-order the album now at: http://smarturl.it/Spotlights Spotlights, the Brooklyn-based husband and wife outfit of Mario and Sarah Quintero, release their Ipecac Recordings’ debut, Seismic, on Oct. 6. The album was produced by Aaron Harris (Isis/Palms) and recorded this spring in Los Angeles.

Learn To Breathe – Official video

And the combination is as infecting as it is curious, managing along the way to combine both the introverted nature of gaze in whatever form with the more outward-looking nature of postrock, in a way that is both hypnotizing and mind-expanding.

It seems as if the inclusion of these elements on top of the postrock has helped anchor the music and give it focus – rather than being this fleeting and perhaps overly expansive beast that postrock can tend to be if allowed full, free reign. Without loosing any of the expansive awesomeness which is also postrock.

This is definitely music well-suited for a pair of good headphones, and on repeated listenings you constantly discover new details and detours.

Spotlights will inevitably awe the Roadburn audience on Sunday, April 22 in the Green Room.

SPOTLIGHTS live at Brooklyn Bazaar, Oct. 6th, 2017 (FULL SET)

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Liveset, Brookly Bazaar, New York, October 2017

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