Dirk Serries is of course not a stranger to Roadburn, and the more adventurous among the long-time audience will have had the opportunity to see him in 2007 (Fear Falls Burning), 2012 (Microphonics) or 2016 (Yodok III) – the latter of which has been released as an awesome live-album (The Mountain Of Void – Live At Roadburn 2016).

This year he appears as part of a new duo with Hellmut Neidhardt (aka N) with which he has created the album 0.0 – an amazing venture into the ambient world of two electric guitars allowed free reign (at least as far the blokes behind the guitars allow them to reign).

The 2 long ambient compositions paint soundscapes that, while not huge in scope – as they seem to be more focused than that – hints on a vastness just beyond the visible. And while there is certainly drama implied in the music, it is by no means scary or ugly. The correct word would probably be: balanced. It is music that feeds you the impression that it will carry your weight if you will just trust it enough and lie back and let it guide you along the way.

This could very well turn out to be one of the most profound performances at this year’s Roadburn.

Scatterwound will envelop Roadburn and the whole of reality with their otherworldly textures on Friday 20 April at the 013 venue.

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