What would you, dear reader, expect from a band with a name like Stomach Earth?

If your answer is something like “the foulest, fire and brimstone infused death doom sounding as if it has been concocted in the very stomach of the earth and has been slowly making its way up towards the surface, on the way inheriting all the grit and dirt it encounters’, then you’re spot on.

Rejoice, for the musical vision of Stomach Earth is as clear as the music is dirt-filled and dark. This is exactly what your parents warned you about, when they filled with anguish told you, your soul would darken and perish if you kept listening to that ungodly music.

How could they know your soul was already dark from living? And the ungodly music was all that would keep you sane?

Stomach Earth will keep you hanging right on the brink of the abyss with their dramatic, dischordant, oppressive music that’s like a soundtrack to both your worst nightmare – and to your life.

The Abyss opens early at this year’s Roadburn, when Stomach Earth takes the stage. Embrace it on Thursday, April 19th at the Hall Of Fame.

STOMACH EARTH live at The Acheron, Oct. 18th, 2013

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Liveclip, The Acheron, October 2013

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