Listening to Wear Your Wounds can be a lot more emotionally upsetting than immersing yourself into the maelstroem of Jacob Bannon‘s regular outbursts with Converge.

Where everything about Converge is violently focused, Wear Your Wounds are much more about barred, naked nerves being constantly prodded. And Bannon knows exactly where to put the pressure with these seemingly very personal songs.

But at the same time, there comes also the realization that this pain simply is, it is part of existing, and it is part of what you have to come to terms with.

Wear Your Wounds “Wear Your Wounds” Official Video

From the album “WYW” | In stores now: Video by Max Moore Films. Wear Your Wounds is the product of years of Lo-fi solo recordings by Converge founder Jacob Bannon. On this release he is joined by guest musicians Kurt Ballou (Converge), Mike McKenzie (The Red Chord, Stomach Earth, Unraveller), Chris Maggio (Sleigh Bells, Trap Them, Coliseum), and Sean Martin (Hatebreed, Cage, Kid Cudi, Twitching Tongues).

Wear Your Wounds – Official video

And while Wear Your Wounds is not ambient (some of it actually very far from), there is a rather more meassured and directed feel to what Bannon does with the diverse compositions. The catharsis from Wear Your Wounds does not come from the same stream as the one that would normally flow over you from the more chaotic output from extreme bands.

In the end though, there remains a feeling, that by exposing your nerves, your pain, your insecurities to the at times almost overpowering sentiment of Bannon‘s compositions, you gain also a personal insight and inspiration to move on, to keep struggling.

So, it’s another one of those must-see performances when Wear Your Wounds enter Roadburn at Saturday, April 21

Wear Your Wounds – Full Set: Live at Boot & Saddle (10.8.17)

Cemetery Tapes presents: Wear Your Wounds performing live at Boot & Saddle in Philadelphia, PA on October 8, 2017.

Liveset, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia, October 2017

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