A good indication of how expansive (artistically speaking) Roadburn have become these days, is the fact that even as someone who describes himself as a more than casual music fan with rather eclectic tastes, diving into this year’s lineup I have discovered several new sub-genres I had no idea existed…

Like the dungeon synth of Old Tower.

Straddling the chasm between the neo-classical, the medieval and the darker synth, Old Tower‘s compositions range from the sombre, almost frail to the sombre and majestic.

It is the sound of deep sadness, like a ghost wandering the lengths of dungeons where its former self was subjected to incarceration, degradation and torture. The long-lingering sadness developed after the rage has tempered with the demise of the torturers, after ages have come and gone, the dungeons themselves partly in ruins.

I’m still not quite certain how Old Tower will fit into the larger landscape of my musical endeavours, but it feels like a thing that will keep growing and inevitably manifest itself in its rightful place, as the music of deep contemplation it certainly is.

Old Tower is unveiled for the first time on Saturday, April 21 in the Hall of Fame venue.

OLD TOWER – Stellary Wisdom (official album teaser)

Taken from the album Stellary Wisdom out Feb 09, 2018 CD/Digital purchase: https://oldtower.bandcamp.com/album/stellary-wisdom OLD TOWER live dates: 03/24 – Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere (w/Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, Ames Sanglantes) 04/21 – Tilburg, NL @ Roadburn Fest 05/04 – Rotterdam, NL @ Baroeg (w/Mortiis) 05/19 – Oslo, NO @ Bla (Hospital Productions Showcase w/Godflesh, PRURIENT, JK Flesh)

Stellary Wisdom – Official album teaser

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Keepers Of The Ancient FlameAlbum Split w. Orodruin (2015)BandCamp
... From The Dark OutlandsAlbum Split w. Secret Dominion (2015)BandCamp
The DoorEP (2015)BandCamp
The Book Of AgesEP (2015)BandCamp
Spectral HorizonsEP (2016)BandCamp
The Rise Of The SpecterAlbum (2017)BandCamp
Ruination: The New Dawn ComethEP (2017)BandCamp