Another offshoot of the amazing scene in Tampere, Finland, Horte plays a dreamy, light, yet surprisingly substantial popgaze, quite unlike most of the other bands and constellations from that scene.

With rumbling bass-lines working as an anchor to keep the music from floating away in the soft summer breeze, most of everything else has a dream-like, slumbering quality. A lightness that is underlined by the fragile vocals that softly caress the gentle electronica.

Horte: 9 (Official Visual Presentation)

Visual segment from the upcoming LP out April 7th on Svart Records. Order: Follow Horte: Film & Sound by Horte Label: Svart Records 2017

9 – Official video

I get the feeling of being softly situated inside the White Lodge without a care in the world, as if the qualms of existence are but a bad dream, hardly even remembered.

This is music with a powerful healing capacity, and I could personally, easily become addicted to Horte. With just a single album to their name yet, this is definitely one to watch.

Let Horte‘s layered trip caress you with warmth and care at Roadburn 2018 when they play the Hall Of Fame on Thursday, April 19

Horte – Live@Uleåborg Festival Of Psychedelia 14.7.2017 (2/2)

Since you’ve already whetted your appetite for oddness just quite enough with over five minutes of Horte’s anomalous shenanigans, go ahead and feel free to dig straight into the main course, which is 11 minutes of the same outlandishly curious nourishment. I think this video offers even a clearer idea of the peculiar vision the flaky foursome is possessing.

Liveclip, Festival Of Psychedelia, April 2017

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