I find myself using the words “something special” quite often in these presentations… so perhaps I should simply let that go into the bin of unsaid but self-evident…

Nonetheless, Kairon; IRSE! bring said quality to the table, and then some, with their delightfully restless mixing of what is oftentimes seen as the unmixable: the psychedelic with the clear, the introspective with the outgoing, the immediate with the elaborate.

And during their space-going prog-psych compositions one can unconditionally feel the lungs expand as they fill with huge intakes of clear, fresh air drawn subconsciously simply because of the expansive feel to the music. While listening to Kairon; IRSE! it seems impossible to NOT feel like there’s a future, like anything is possible.

And then there’s the nooks and crannies – everywhere you enter these compositions there seem to be detours, or simply irresistable paths you just simply have to investigate before hurtling on towards the next surprise – an ever expanding universe of sound and music for your consciousness to roam around.

Kairon; IRSE! – the name might make you wrinkle your brows in thoughtful wonder – but the music is among the most exciting prog to emerge in recent years.

Kairon; IRSE! defy time and space at Roadburn 2018 on Friday, 20 April.

Kairon; IRSE – Tavastia, Helsinki, 10.2.2017

Live at Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland.

Liveclip, Tavastia Club, Helsinki, February 2017

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The Defect In That One Is Bleach / We're Hunting WolverinesAlbum (2011)BandCamp
UjabasajubaAlbum (2014)spotifyBandCamp
RuinationAlbum (2017)spotifyBandCamp