Greek high priests of harmful matter and of anything psychedelically absurd Hail Spirit Noir are both a blessing and a conondrum.

A conundrum, simply because the music they create is so filled with life, desire and wackiness and yet still so unavoidably black. A blessing… well for much the same reasons.

Hail Spirit Noir – “I Mean You Harm” Official Promo Video

Promo video for the track “I Mean You Harm” from HAIL SPIRIT NOIR’s 2016 album “Mayhem in Blue” out on Dark Essence Records 28 October. Pre order now from: Dark Essence Webshop: Dark Essence BandCamp: Dark Essence USA Webshop: Dark Essence Records KlickTrack:

I Mean You Harm – Official audio

A lust for expermentation lies as a solid foundation under everything they do, and the way they mix black metal and psychedelic prog, a circus feeling with the deep dread of an effective 70’s horror movie, is if not entirely unprecedented in the extreme parts of metal then at least not seem very often – and very seldomly done with as much flair and inventiveness as by Hail Spirit Noir.

Like the bastard offspring of a short and fiery liason between Oranssi Pazuzu and Dog Fashion Disco, this beast thunders across a scorched praerie, never in a straight line, forever detouring.

With soaring keyboards, the occassional flute, vocals a mix of deep guttural roars and something more debauched in the vein of Jello Biafra or Bryan Ferry they set out to kill any threads of boredom and mundanity and overwhelmingly succeed, in the process veiling the world in their velvety blackness.

Hail Spirit Noir will bring their maniacal take on psychedelic black metal to the 013 Venue on Sunday, April 23 to add a healthy dose of weirdness to the final day of Roadburn 2018.

Hail Spirit Noir – Mayhem in Blue (Live @ Dark Bombastic Evening 8)

05-08-2017 Dorobanți , Arad , Romania

Mayhem In Blue, Live at Dark Bombastic Evening 8, August 2017

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