Those still able to stand and be in search for interesting experiences on the Sunday of Roadburn, will have to seriously consider this combo – two related Japanese experimental outfits packaged together to once and for all destroy the audience both mentally and physically… or as Roadburn themselves write in their presentation:

Vampillia will rearrange our synapses at Roadburn 2018 and then VMO will stomp on the end result on Sunday, 22 April at Het Patronaat.


Oh, intrepid explorers of musical emotional output, prepare yourselves for something truly amazing and different. Vampillia, an ensemble of (as far as I can tell) 10+ exceptionally gifted musicians from Japan pushing the boundaries of genre-bending and experimentation within the structure of reasonably ordinarily structured songs/compositions to their limits and beyond.

When listening to Vampillia from Japan, all-encompassing is one of the only truly fitting words I can think of.

Whether they venture into 20+ minutes worth of sonic landscapes of both post-rock beauty and ambient grandness, or they create ultra-condensed 15-second bursts of musical madness (most of it overlaid with fantastic operatic vocals), you are left with wonder and a sense of having experience something you definitely haven’t before.

Ranging from neo-classical compositions, across avantgarde-rock and balkan-like folk, to something that can best be described as a mix of sludge and grindcore (often within the same track)

Their rather labyrinthine compositions are perhaps hard to approach and maneuver, only yeilding slowly, best handled with patience, until they suddenly open wide to spectacular vistas.

Among the very few artists actually capable of using noise and chaos as compositional elements. Everyone can create a cacophony of sounds, but it takes masters to incorporate this into their compositions, filling actual holes, creating coherent wholes.

Using chaotic metalization both as a shock-effect, but to equal extent to underline, thus never going stale and totally predictable.

And their collaboration with a diversity of (more or less) like-minded artists only add to their artistic complexity, as they seemingly wrap themselves around whatever the texture is of the artists with whom they collaborate.

Vampillia LIVE at Nagoya CLUB UPSET (2014/04/14)

Uploaded by Gēbì ṣaḥarāʾ on 2014-04-18.

Liveset, Club Upset, Nagoya, April 2014

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SppearsEP (2009)spotify
Alchemic HeartAlbum (2011)spotify
Rule The World + Deathtiny LandAlbum (2011)spotifyBandCamp
The Primitive WorldAlbum Collaboration w. Nadja (2012)BandCamp
CircleSingle (2013)spotifyBandCamp
/ɪmpəˈfɛkʃ(ə)n/Album Collaboration w. Nadja (2014)BandCamp
Some Nightmares Take You Aurora Rainbow DarknessAlbum (2014)spotifyBandCamp
The Divine MoveAlbum (2014)spotify
My Beautiful Twisted Nightmares In Aurora Rainbow DarknessAlbum (2014)spotifyBandCamp
You Should Go FirstSingle (2014)BandCamp
White SilenceEP (2014)BandCamp
xoroAHbinAlbum Collaboration w. The Body (2015)spotifyBandCamp
Voices Of Days PastAlbum Split w. World's End Girlfriend (2015)spotifyBandCamp
Vampillia Meets LustmordEP Collaboration w. Lustmord (2015)BandCamp
わたしが鳴こうホトトギスAlbum Collaboration w. Jun Togawa (2016)BandCamp
The Sea Is Never FullAlbum Collaboration w. Dakota Suite (2016)spotifyBandCamp
My Heart Will Go OnEP (2016)BandCamp

Violent Magic Orchestra

An offspring of Vampillia with some relevant additions, Violent Magic Orchestra (or VMO) – which certainly seems like a separate beast.

While working very much inside the same noisy parameters as Vampillia, VMO leans much more towards the black metal influences, which are paired with much more noise than traditionally seen, rendering the music even more harsh, painful, searing and cleansing.

There is a feeling of having your skin stripped away slowly, followed by your skin peeled from your bones. This is a magnificent vision, the whole concept of Christianity’s hell played on a huge screen, Clockwork Orange style. But in the end, you are unable to draw away your eyes (and ears) from this fascinating spectacle even if you could.

VMO / Violent Magic Orchestra [11-03-2017] live @ Crustbar Eindhoven

Wonderous, Beautiful, Japanese, Visual, Kabuki, Performance, Blacknoisemetal, VIOLENT MAGIC ORCHESTRA, live @ Crustbar [voorheen Brakkebar], Kloosterdreef 38, Eindhoven, Netherlands. [Saturday 11-03-2017]

Liveset, Crustbar, Eindhoven, March 2017

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Catastrophic AnonymousAlbum (2016)spotifyBandCamp