The more you dive into the roster for this year’s Roadburn, the more you realize the Festival this year is a regular cornucopia for any curious black metal fan (dare one say afficionado in this context?)

Even so, Chinese black metal is a rare sight on the European tour circuit, and I’m truly delighted to see that the good people behind Roadburn have chosen Zuriaake as the first glimpse into a very interesting scene.

I first encountered Zuriaake a couple of years ago, around the release of the 孤雁 album, the band’s triumphant second full-length, which immediately caught my attention, with their particular blend of eastern black metal (and there we go again, our whole conceptual language bears witness to our Europe-centered, historical outview).

ZURIAAKE (葬尸湖 ) – 歸去 (Nostalgia) + 終曲 (Outro) (OFFICIAL TRACK) | 2015

The last two songs of the new album from the Chinese Black Metal band 葬尸湖 – Zuriaake, “孤雁 – Gu-Yan”, released in October 2015 via Pest Productions. Band : 葬尸湖 – Zuriaake Album : 孤雁 – Gu-Yan Genre : Black Metal Country : China Tracklist : 01. 暮云 – Intro: Afterglow 02.

Nostalgia – Official audio

No matter what, with their use of traditional Chinese instruments (some of which traditionally plays very much on par with black metal technique), and a set of massively melancholic compositions intermingling Chinese tradition and the darker currents of black metal, Zuriaake deserves a much greater audience than what they have attained so far.

The beauty and sadness of their music tempers the aggressiveness in subtle yet profound ways, and as the music triumphantly soars towards the outer edges of the listeners’ minds, we must surrender and let Zuriaake take us along on their journey.

Zuriaake will bring the Far East to Roadburn 2018 on Sunday, 22 April at the 013 venue.

Zuriaake live at Festival Midi(pro) 2016 05 葬尸湖 迷笛音乐节

Best live of Zuriaake 00:00 暮云 Afterglow 02:45 边关 The frontier 09:30 孤雁 The Lorn Goose 21:32 暮林 Forest of twilight 28:50 弈秋 Afterimage of autumn 35:00 天狼 Sirius

Liveset from Festival Midi(pro), May 2016

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Afterimage Of AutumnAlbum (2007)spotifyBandCamp 
Autumn Of Sad Ode / Siming Of LoulanAlbum Split w. Yn Gizarm (2011)BandCamp
Winter MirageEP (2012)BandCamp
孤雁Album (2015)BandCamp
妖祭EP (2015)BandCamp