Hailing from Washington (the state), the black metal of Alda shows a great degree of melancholy, somehow very connected to the region they come from.

With a heavy basis in quiet, almost reverent folk-music (touching upon neo-folk too), it is easy to feel the rain calmly pouring down on your head while listening to Alda (even without the sampled rain on some of the tracks), but it is also easy to hear a great connectedness with the land, with nature, with tradition on a much greater scale than mere human traditional ritual.

And the raging of the black metal elements seems a lot more meassured and elaborate than is often seen in the more nihilistic parts of the genre.

ALDA – The Clearcut (Official – HD)

“The Clearcut” taken from the 3rd ALDA album “Passage”. More info: http://records.eisenton.de/album/passage To be released by Eisenwald (EU) and Bindrune (North America). https://www.eisenton.com https://bindrunerecordings.com https://aldacascadia.weebly.com Follow Alda: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alda/116289091792839

The Clearcut – Official audio

I must admit to being completely unknowing of so-called Cascadian black metal (so far) but if Alda are anything to judge by the term certainly makes some sense. Slowly while listening to Alda, a sense of comfort crept over me, as if this was known to me even as I had never heard the band before. And it struck me – emotional impact, structure, the very being of this music reminded me so much of The Walkabouts, another Washington band (and one of my all-time favorites).

Lending weight to the idea of this being somehow the genuine sound of the Region, something that will prevail even after we’re long gone.

Enter into the wild and unrestrained spirit of Alda to Roadburn on Sunday, 22 April at the 013 venue.

Alda live at Turf Club on December 28, 2017

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Liveset, Turf Club, St. Paul, December 2017

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