The rich and thriving Italian doom scene is also well-represented at this year’s festival, where we among others find the blackened death-doomsters Fuoco Fatuo

With what seems like a contemptous disregard for the mundane world, Fuoco Fatuo weaves their mysterious, dark doom around the very fabric of the universe, letting the heavy, lingering riffs resonate through our very existence.

Everything is covered in grime and filth, and in reality (if such a thing had existed in this onslaught of aural death) we should be cowering in fear in corners and under tables – but inexplicably we’re drawn towards this monstrous, slowly writhing all-devouring entity, whose only promise seems to be that we can become one with it when it consumes us.

Such is the impact I receive from listening to Fuoco Fatuo, that I find it hard to describe using simple, normal means of communication, and would have to ask you to either take me by my word – or simply jump into the maelstrom and experience for yourself, at the risk, nay guarantee of losing yourself along the way.

Best of luck – and I will see you in the belly of this universal beast.

Fuoco Fatuo will suck Roadburn 2018 and probably the whole of Tilburg with it into a cold, black void on Thursday, 19 April. Beware.

Fuoco Fatuo (part. one) live at Urgence Disk 02-05-2017

Uploaded by URGENCE DISK RECORDS on 2017-05-02.

Live at Urgence Disk, May 2017

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The Viper Slithers In The Ashes Of What RemainsAlbum (2014)BandCamp
BackwaterAlbum (2017)spotifyBandCamp