One of the huge finds from scavenging through the current Roadburn lineup, is the solo-release from Tribulation‘s Jonathan Hultén.

Amidst preparing several Tribulation releases, he also managed to release an EP that stands very, very high on my mental list of the best of 2017.

Jonathan Hulten – Anguished Are The Young

Listen to or download “Anguished Are The Young” at iTunes: Find Jonathan Hulten online at: Facebook: Instagram: Video directed, shot and edited by Jonathan Hulten and Viveka Swann:

Anguished Are The Young – Official video

Where Hultén as a member of Tribulation has been instrumental in one of the most inspiring (artistically as well as popularty-wise) attempts at combining black metal with several more “easier accessible” metal genres, his solo-effort is a collection of fantastic pop-songs of a depth and a quality I don’t think I’ve encountered this side of Syd Barrett-period Pink Floyd.

On the surface, the music seems easily digested, but each listen seems to draw me further down into the subject matter, uncovering new layers and details in the music as well as the equally amazing lyrics.

“Here we are, standing in a gap in time
Here is still, outside the world is rushing by
We have stopped, a journey just before its end
On the roadside we abide, existence bends

Then a vision strikes me with a blaze
In this dream is another death, one of utter grace
I see I have to dig right where I stand
Beyond the current’s flow, in no one’s land

A treasure flashed before my inner sight
Buried in the dirt, the intangible night
In spirit of the bold which I revere
I walk into the darkness I fear

The blackest spot is where I place my hand
The starkest truth I wish to understand
And if my pit will turn out as my grave
In life I will be free and not a slave

Contentment I don’t expect to find
But ardor is what purely fills my mind
In new shades and shadows the world is cast
Providing glimpses of the fire and the vast”

Lyrics for Nightly Sun

Jonathan Hultén will haunt Roadburn 2018 on Friday, April 20 at Het Patronaat.

Jonathan Hultén – Leaving (live @Pralnia, Wroclaw 2017)

Jonathan Hultén performing “Leaving” at Pralnia, Wroclaw, Poland, 16.11.2017

Leaving, Live at Pralnia, Wroclaw, November 2017

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