Every once in a while someone comes around and re-arranges musical components, combining things in a way that is both familiar and refreshingly new, like some sort of Lego-building genius with a new story to tell.

Khemmis are one of those someones, and they are definitely something special.

Although their base lies in traditional doom of the bass-heavy type, with both clean and gruffy vocals, this is about where the comparisons end.

The melodicity of the vocal lines and much of the compositional work leans much more heavily (pun probably intended) on differing types of progressive metal.

Khemmis interview February 2018

Alexiel Divine www.offeringwebzine.com

Interview by The Offering Webzine, February 2018

Resulting in a really enjoyable blend of doom, stoner and progressive that somehow seems both well-known and breathtakingly fresh, attaining an almost dreamlike substance, like an astral space-travel across alternating planes of existence.

With their extensions of classic doom Khemmis have been one of the nices surprises over the last few years.

And to get that special shiver-down-the-spine feeling, check out their incredible rendition of O Death (aka A Conversation With Death) on their split with Spirit Adrift (link in discography below)…. truly amazing!!

Khemmis will stun Roadburners new and jaded alike when they play Thursday, 19 April on the Het Patronaat stage.

KHEMMIS live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 14th, 2017 (FULL SET)

Contact: pitfullofshit@gmail.com Pit Full of Shit http://pitfullofshit.blogspot.com/

Liveset, Saint Vitus Bar, New York City, January 2017

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Fraught With PerilSingle Split w. Spirit Adrift (2017)BandCamp