Another one of those collaborations that Roadburn seems to thrive in – combining the cold minimalism of Broadrick/Martin with the somewhat hotter textures of Moor Mother‘s avantgarde hip hop.

No one will be able to tell beforehand exactly how this will turn out – but this will be one of the sets that anyone loooking to further broaden their musical horizons will simply have to attend.

Zonal with Moor Mother will be lighting up Roadburn 2018 on Sunday, 22 April at the 013 venue.


Only through relentless repetition will you ever notice the small, miniscule changes in life

Under the moniker of Techno Animal, Justin K. Broadrick and Kevin Martin created minimalistic, ritualistic, dystopian techno-industrial landscapes paired up with eerie ambience, which through these relentlessly repeating patterns of either noisey industrialism or dub-like floating, create the right medium for the mind to put itself in a mode to be able to receive the subtler, more experimental parts of their soundcloth.

In a way that seems quite natural, Techno Animal was exactly so disheartening that the music is able to create (at least in this individual) those small cracks in the everyday indifference of the world to enable an opportunity for the facilitation of change.

Now, they’re back under another name – Zonal – but the intent seems much the same.

ZONAL – Athens Fraternity of Sound Festival – 29.10.2017

Live @ Fuzz Club

Liveset from Fraternity Of Sound Festival, Athens, October 2017

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GhostsAlbum (1991)Youtube
Re-EntryAlbum (1995)spotify
Techno Animal Versus RealityAlbum (1998)Youtube
SymbioticsAlbum Split w. Porter Ricks (1999)Youtube
Brotherhood Of the Bomb / MonolithSingle (1999)Youtube
The Brotherhood Of The BombAlbum (2001)Youtube
Dead Man's CurseEP (2001)Youtube

Moor Mother

With compositions that often resemble quick sketches, and what seems like a definite wish to rid the world of kings and oppressors Moor Mother seems like both the perfect fit for a collaboration with Broadrick and Martin, but at the same time also a way of tempering the relentlessness and repetitiveness of Zonal.

Not that there is anything soft or cozy about the music of the artist going under the name of Moor Mother – she describes a harsh, unforgiving world after all, a world where big men rule from castles in the sky. A world where it would take something special to topple their castles.

And something special is definitely what Moor Mother is. Her work a series of electronic compositions, sample- and sound-bite rich, at times bordering on a kind of avantgarde hiphop with a unique flow full of texture and interesting twists and turns. And like the name she has chosen for herself, there is a softer, warmer tone underneath the unforgiving, at times even clinical exposure of an uncaring and unjust world.

MOOR MOTHER live at Pioneer Works, July 29th, 2017 (FULL SET)

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Liveset from Pioneer Works, July 2017

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Moor Mother GoddessAlbum (2015)BandCamp
Fetish BonesAlbum (2016)spotifyBandCamp
Crime WavesEP Collaboration w. Mental Jewelry (2017)spotifyBandCamp