Opposites converge, combining to create something much bigger than their combined parts, when Finnish death-doomsters Hooded Menace rolls in.

With sinister growled vocals on top of a metal that nods both in the direction of the harder school of the 80’s death metal as well as the more harmonic parts of doom metal, working together to bring both the fierceness of death metal as well as the unforgiving and resignating nature of old-school doom, Hooded Menace are a band well-versed in the metal traditions.

Kicking back and closing the eyes while listening, Hooded Menace feels like being bludgeoned half to death with a blunt instrument while at the same time having a nurse tend the wounds and administer tender care.

HOODED MENACE – “Crumbling Insanity” (Official Music Video)

HOODED MENACE – “Crumbling Insanity” taken from ‘Effigies of Evil’ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/RelapseYouTube coming Sept.11th on CD/2xLP/2xLP + 7″/Digital via Relapse Records.

Crumbling Insanity – Official video

And it feels like it is in these contradictions between different types of pain pain – caustic pain and sweet pain – the true nature and strength of Hooded Menace manifests itself. Where it becomes apparant that like much else on this planet, these contradictions are at the same time meaningful conditions of existance, prerequisites perhaps, subconsciously understood, and the reason we’re pressing on, keeping on pushing the cart forward.

To be similarly filled with awe and obliteration, all you have to do is attend when the curse will finally be fulfilled in its intended format as Hooded Menace performs debut album Fulfill The Curse in its entirety, on Thursday, 19 April at Het Patronaat as part of Roadburn 2018’s festivities.

HOODED MENACE live at Doom over Freiburg – full show

HOODED MENACE live at Doom over Freiburg IV, Crash Musikkeller, Freiburg, Germany, December 5th, 2015 – complete show.

Liveset from Doom At Freiburg, December 2015

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The Eyeless HordeSingle (2007)spotify
Fulfill The CurseAlbum (2008)spotifyBandCamp
Never Cross The DeadAlbum (2009)BandCamp
We Doom You To Death / Abode Of The GrotesqueSingle Split w. Asphyx (2011)BandCamp
Hooded Menace / IlsaSingle Split w. Ilsa (2011)BandCamp
Effigies Of EvilAlbum (2012)spotifyBandCamp
Instruments Of Eternal Damnation / Flame Of WillSingle Split w. Horse Lattitudes (2012)BandCamp
A View From The RopeSingle Split w. Loss (2014)Youtube
Darkness Drips ForthAlbum (2015)spotifyBandCamp
Celestial Dissection / Failed Stunt FatalitySingle Split w. AlgomA (2017)BandCamp