20+ years ago, 3 people naming themselves (or at least their band) Boris did something that even to this day seems surrealistic, inconceivable even.

Boris released their debut-album Absolutego in 1996, a monolithic, awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, wildly expansive piece of droney sound-experimentation, rife with hums, feedback and the works that seems to expand with each and every listen. 65 minutes of mind-expansion that cannot but change the way people understand and approach music – at least if they’re open-minded enough to stay the course.

Nihon NY – Episode 22 – Boris

22 – Boris http://www.borisheavyrocks.com/ ———————————————— Boris is a genre-defying group from Tokyo that has been making music since 1992. Self-described as a “party band,” their style has evolved from experimental to doom metal to even synthpop, most recently. 2011 brought the release of three new albums: New Album, Heavy Rocks, and Attention Please, which each showcased a different side of Boris.

Interview by Japan Society NYC, 2011

Surreal as it may be, this was but the start of an ever-expansive career in music, always searching, never stagnant or un-inspired. Whether they turn their attention towards noise, ambience, no-wave, rock, or even J-Pop, their fire burns bright, and beneath it all one can feel a never satisifed curiosity. A curiosity that has probably also been leading to the band’s many collaborations (among others, quite a few with electronic noise genious Merzbow).

Boris – Absolutego (Official Video)

Boris “Absolutego” from the album “Dear”, available everywhere now. Direction & Edit : Fangsanalsatan / Camera : foodunited. & Non CD / LP Store: http://boris.hellomerch.com iTunes: http://smarturl.it/BorisDear_iTunes Full list of Tour Dates: https://sargenthouse.com/boris BORIS Website – http://borisheavyrocks.com Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/borisheavyrocks Twitter – http://twitter.com/Borisheavyrocks Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/borisdronevil Label site – http://sargenthouse.com/boris

Absolutego – Official video (the track, not the album ;-) )

Now, in 2018, they return to where their roots run, with what is almost certain to be a mind-melting experience, when they perform their very debut album accompanied by none other than Stephen O’Malley.

Rejoice. Boris with Stephen O’Malley will play Absolutego at Roadburn 2018 on Saturday, April 21.

Boris – Live 04.08.2017

Live at Zal Ozhidaniya, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 04.08.2017 0:00:00 Dystopia Intro 0:02:40 D.O.W.N -Domination Of Waiting Noise- 0:09:33 DEADSONG 0:16:45 Absolutego 0:22:55 Beyond 0:29:19 Kagero 0:39:02 Biotope 0:45:25 The Power 0:52:56 Memento Mori 0:57:29 Dystopia -Vanishing Point- 1:12:03 Dear 1:28:00 Farewell

Liveset, Zal Ozhidaniya, St. Petersburg, August 2017



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AbsolutegoAlbum (1996)Youtube
Amplifier WorshipAlbum (1998)Youtube
Black: Implication FloodingAlbum Collaboration w. Keiji Haino (1998)Youtube
More Echoes, Touching Air LandscapeAlbum Split w. Choukoku No Niwa (1999)Youtube
-Flood-Album (2000)Youtube
MegatoneAlbum Collaboration w. Merzbow (2002)Youtube
Boris At Last -Feedbacker-Album (2003)Youtube
Akuma No UtaAlbum (2003)Youtube
The Thing Which Solomon OverlookedAlbum (2004)Youtube
PinkAlbum (2005)spotifyBandCamp
Sound Track From Film "Mabuta No Ura"Album (2005)spotifyBandCamp
DronevilAlbum (2005)Youtube
Sun Baked Snow CaveAlbum Collaboration w. Merzbow (2005)spotifyBandCamp
AltarAlbum Collaboration w. Sunn O))) (2006)spotifyBandCamp
VeinAlbum (2006)Youtube
The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 2Album (2006)Youtube
The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 3Album (2006)Youtube
RainbowAlbum Collaboration w. Michio Kurihara (2006)BandCamp
Rock DreamAlbum Collaboration w. Merzbow (2007)Youtube
Walrus / GroonEP Collaboration w. Merzbow (2007)Youtube
SmileAlbum (2008)Youtube
Cloud ChamberAlbum Collaboration w. Michio Kurihara (2008)Youtube
Chapter Ahead Being FakeEP Split w. Torche (2009)Youtube
Attention PleaseAlbum (2011)spotifyBandCamp
New AlbumAlbum (2011)spotifyBandCamp
Heavy RocksAlbum (2011)spotifyBandCamp
Asobi Seksu x BorisEP Split w. Asobi Seksu (2012)spotifyBandCamp
PräparatAlbum (2013)Youtube
The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked ExtraAlbum (2014)Youtube
NoiseAlbum (2014)spotifyBandCamp
WarpathAlbum (2015)Youtube
AsiaAlbum (2015)Youtube
Urban DanceAlbum (2015)Youtube
GenshoAlbum Split w. Merzbow (2016)spotifyBandCamp
DearAlbum (2017)spotifyBandCamp